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Friday 21st January 2022


We've had a great week in Year 2. We've been mastering understanding and drawing arrays, as well as spending time both learning and understanding the concepts behind the 2 and 5 times table.


In English, we innovated The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch, and wrote some excellent 'defeating the monster' story. We focused on using a range of conjunction, and trying to use some exciting descriptive language as well.


In Geography, we have been consolidating our knowledge of the seven continents by making balloon globes! We labelled the continents, and stuck them to a blue balloon, carefully trying to correctly position them. We also located the five oceans, and added compass directions. Finally, we used them to quiz each other on the name and position of the different features.


Lastly, we've been very happy to get to know Miss Taylor (a different one!), who is our new Student Teacher. She'll be working with Mr Lynn for the next few months, and is already enjoying some very enthusiastic story times!


Have a great weekend!

Friday 14th January 2022


A big thank you to the request for pictures of you reading your favourite books. We've had a delightful set of photos come in. In you haven't sent yours yet, it's not too late, just email it over to Mr Lynn. It's been fabulous to see the range of different books out superstars are interested in, with a great mix of fiction and non-fiction. We are really enjoying hearing about all your choices in class.


In Maths this week we've continued exploring multiplication. We've been introduced to the multiplicaiton symbol, and learned how it relates to repeated addition. For instance, that  2+2+2+2+2 can also be written as 5x2. Our class have been amazing at this work!


In English we've explored our text as readers and as writers. We showed our understanding by writing in character as a furious Mr Grinling. The class generated some amazing adjectives to describe his emotion, and also the seagulls.  It's fair to say that these Mr Grinlings were none to pleased to have their sandwiches stolen!


We've been comparing Barwick to Malindi, a town in Kenya. We've explored the meaning of similarities and differences, and practised our note taking skills. We've also very much enjoyed using the 'walking chocolate bar' to gather the names of all seven continents and five oceans!


In PE we had fun pretending to be playdoh to create balances and use rolls. We then created paired 'playdoh shapes', where we decided on our own balances to show the rest of the class.


In PSHE, we were set a class goal to pass around Jigsaw Jo's treasure chesy without any jangling of treasure! We then discussed how succeeding with goals makes us feel, and shared examples of goals we've achieved. We focused on that positive feeling we get when we achieve a goal, and stored it safely in a 'treasure box' of feelings we have inside ourselves.


I hope you all have a great weekend.





New Africa Topic and English Crime Scene

Friday 7th January 2022


It's been a very busy start to the year! On Monday, us teachers were all in trouble with Mrs Sanderson for arriving late to school, and not in appropriate 'teacher clothing'.  Having just made it back from Kenya, I personally found the weather to be a little chillier than I was expecting! We then found out about our new Geography topic. We will be learning more about Kenya, and compare aspects of life for some people there, to our lives in Barwick. We were absolutely fascinated by using atlases, and made a human representation of the difference between a country and a continent. 


That same afternoon, we returned into class to find a terrible sandwich-related crime had occurred. We explored the clues that had been left, and wrote some questions to try to work out what might have happened. We also watched some interviews with one of the main characters involved. There was some brilliant suggestions as to what had happened, some far better than the actual story it comes from I thought! This led us into our new Talk For Writing Story, The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch, which we've started to learn through our text map.


In Maths we are beginning to look at Multiplication and Division, through exploring the concept of equal groups. Key so far has been to be able to tell the difference between the number of groups, and the number in each group. We've practised lots of verbal explanation to help us.


Have a great weekend!

Friday 10th December 2021


What a fun elf day we are having! The class absolutely loved the elf run, and the chocolate tombola has been a huge hit as well. Thank you so much for all your kind donations, and the excellent outfits. It looks like Mr Mischieovous invited his whole family over for the day!


In Maths, we've continued to explore money, through comparing amounts and selecting specific amounts of money. Please keep looking at, and talking about money at home: it really helps!


However, I was quite frankly appalled in English. The class changed our model Discussion Text about Cat, Bramble and Heron hiring a monster, to be about whether children should run the school. Remarkably, the class had dozens of arguments to make about why this would be a good idea, of which many involved teachers missing break or even being tied up! Whilst there were less arguments for it being a bad idea, we did in the end manage to see that what we learn at school will be quite important to us!


In Science we've explored finding our pulse, and how our heart rate changes when we do exercise. Knowing we actually have pulses we can feel in our bodies was quite the revelation for several of the class. We learned how exercise helps our muscles, bones, heart and lungs, and why we might get short of breath when we exercise. Given the energy shown on the Elf Run, it looked like a few more heart rates were raised!


I hope you all have an elf-tastic weekend!





Friday 3rd December 2021


A rather cheeky elf has entered our classroom! He brought in an important message of kindness into our class, although has since been named 'Mr Mischievous'! He's already raided the numicon supplies, left a mess, and been caught trying to escape hanging off our 'washing line'. Who knows what he'll get up to next?


Thank you for all the fantastic Christmas decorations sent in. It was fabulous to enjoy our time decorating the school tree, and certainly got us all in the festive mood! Our own class tree, whilst not quite the same size, has also given us a sprinkle of Advent cheer.


Aside from the Christmas 'buzz', we've spent time completing assessments in the core subjects of English and Maths this week. The class has worked very hard to show what they've learned already this year, and I've been very proud of everybody's attitude. We've also been learning invasion games in PE, continued with our daily phonics sessions, and been practising joined-up handwriting.


We also started our 'Jigsaw' PSHE. We met Jigsaw Jo, and Jerrie the Cat, and explored our ideas about what different genders are expected to do. We tried to match descriptions to pictures of different children, and were really challenged as to why we'd assume girls or boys would like or dislike certain things. It was a very thought provoking sessions, and it was brilliant to see that the class strongly believed football is not just for boys.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Monsters Roleplay and Conscience Corridor

Friday 26th November


We've moved onto our new Talk For Writing text in English. It's a discussion text, looking at whether Cat, Bramble and Heron should have hired a monster to guard their gold. To generate some ideas as to whether this would be a good idea, we all became monsters and thieves, and explored whether it's a sensible idea or not. We then formed a 'Conscience Corridor': one side gave reasons that it was a good idea, whilst the other side gave the opposite point of view. It was a really good way to explore the arguments in the text, as well as being a lot of fun! 


In Maths, we have moved onto a block about money. We will be exploring counting in coins, making amounts using coins, finding the total of different coins, and giving change. This tends to be a block that some children can find a little more challenging, so any exposure to using coins and notes at home would really help. 


In History we used what we have learned to sequence events in the life of Florence Nightingale. It's the first time I've actually taught about her, so I've learned a lot myself. For instance, I never knew that she was named about the Italian city she was born in. You never stop learning!


I hope you all have a great weekend.


Friday 19th November


We kicked off anti-bullying week with an assembly and 'live' lesson, around the theme of 'One Kind Word'. You can watch the lesson again by following this link. From this, we have continued to discuss kindness through the week. It was already the key work in our Class Charter. It's been great to see how you've shown kindness at home and in school. We also made 'Acts of Kindness' posters both to celebrate the kindness we already show, and to challenge ourselves to show kindness in different ways in the future.


In English, we've been innovating our own finding tales, following the structure given to us by Cat, Bramble and Heron. We've been trying to include Year 2 grammatical features such as adverbs, without losing sight of the core elements of writing we also need to focus on: capital letters, punctuation, handwriting and spelling. Some fantastic tales have been produced!


In Maths, through subtraction we've explored the concept of exchanging in maths, as well as how to find numbers bonds to 100 using tens and ones. 


In Science, we had great fun role-playing the life cycle of a duck, whilst exploring different animal life cycles. We also made posters of the different parts of a human life cycle.


Have a super weekend!



Acts of Kindness and Science Posters

Friday 12th November


It's been yet another busy week in Year 2. In Maths we've been learning a strategy using images to add/ check our mental method, right the way up to confidently adding two 2-digit numbers. Well done everybody for some excellent application in this!


In English, we've completed learning Cat, Bramble and Heron, and have been exploring some of the grammatical features in it, such as conjunctions, adverbs and expanded noun phrases. Having a really solid understanding of what these are, and how to use them to make our writing more exciting should benefit our own 'Finding Tales'.


We've learned about the life of Florence Nightingale, or how being a 'book worm' can help to save many lives. It's a great message about the importance of reading!


In Phonics, we've started our longer, storybook sessions. We've really enjoyed having book reading integrated into the phonics sessions. The power of using lollypop sticks as our 'teaching pointers' when reading as partners has also been very popular!


Have a fantastic weekend!

Friday 5th November 2021


Wow! Thank you so much to everybody at home for the brilliant photos, videos, and written work emailed and sent in. We've had fantastic fun looking through everybody's contributions. I don't think I've ever heard as many gasps from a class!


Thank you also for all the fantastic reading that has been going on at home. It was great to see lots of the class in non-uniform today, and many more close on the reading chart. Well done for a fabulous effort everybody!


In English, we have begun to learn our new Talk For Writing story: Cat, Bramble and Heron. We had great fun using drama to explore the three main characters. I'd recommend asking your child for a heron impression at home if you'd like a quiet minute or two! 


In Maths we've been looking at 10 more and 10 less. This requires a really solid understanding of place value. It's great to see excitement as yet another 'maths pattern' revealed itself. 


We've enjoyed some invasion games in PE, despite the chilly weather. We've been learning to dodge aliens, drive bumper cars and dribble footballs. In Science we've begun to look at life-cycles, what makes something 'alive', and we will soon be exploring diet and exercise.


Have a splendid weekend!

Mr Lynn


Friday 15th October 2021


Hola! Our highlight this week was certainly Spanish day! We had a fabulous time learning Flamenco dancing, making Spanish blow football games, and playing a Chilean chasing game called 'Corre Corre La Guaraca'! I  hope you enjoy the photos.


In Maths we've been practising finding our own fact families using two pieces of numicon to find a whole. We've also been comparing number sentences together.


In English, we went into the 'Invention' phase of talk for writing. We created our own story mountains, and wrote our own independent journey stories. The creativity and originality of ideas within the class was once more fantastic to see. However, now we are writing more, we've practised the important, and challenging skill, of rereading several sentences, and adding missing punctuation. This can be a hard one to master, even as adults! Whenever we have checking time, we let out a 'silent cheer' each time we find and correct a mistake: it's fabulous to see such enthusiasm for this vital step in writing!


In Science we explore the hypothesis I mentioned last week, by standing different materials in water. The class was very surprised to discover that although plastic and metal didn't absorb water, the brick absorbed all the water it stood in! From that, we saw that even some harder materials can be absorbent.


Have a super weekend!

Mr Lynn

Kandinsky by Rowan Class

Friday 8th October


As you can see, the class have really enjoyed exploring the work of Wassily Kandinsky in Art, and created a super class piece of work. All colours were mixed by the children from the three primary colours of red, yellow and blue.


In English we've finished our 'innovated' version of The Papaya The Spoke, and also explored what vowels and consonants are. 


In Maths, we've taken on one of the more challenging concepts in Year 2: that of 'fact families'. For instance, from 5,8 and 13, you can derive:

5+8=13, 8+ 5=13, 13=5+8, 13=8+5

13-8=5, 13-5=8, 5=13-8, 8=13-5

We've explored the concept practically, and are working hard to derive the number sentences. Please try this week's Maths home learning to help to consolidate this tricky concept!


In Science, we walked around the school, and noted the materails it is made out of. We discussed why they were used, and noticed that they are all 'hard' materials. We considered how the paper towels we used for home learning were very absorbent, and contrasted it with those the school is made out of. We explored the 'hypothesis' that all hard materials are not absorbent, and then worked in groups to design an experiment to test this. We'll pick this up on Monday to see if the hypothesis is correct, and hopefully won't get too wet ourselves in the process!


We are all looking forward to Spanish day on Tuesday! 


Have a great weekend

Mr Lynn

Friday 1st October 2021


We continue to beaver away as we continue our journey through Year 2.  Thank you for some excellent Home Learning again. Maxwell now is very secure on his nouns, verbs and adjectives. He particularly enjoyed some banana related grammar, and receiving some very impressive pictures!

In Maths, we’ve shown ourselves to be great at ordering numbers all the way up to 100. We know to check the tens digit first, and then the ones digit, and work hard not to be caught out, however hard Mr Lynn tries to make it!


In English, paragraph by paragraph, we’ve been writing our own versions of The Papaya That Spoke. Footballers, mansions and sausages appear to feature in several of the children’s version! We’ve tried to use expanded noun phrases to make our writing more interesting, and to carefully which words to use to make the greatest impact. There's some lovely work being produced by these superstars.


Great excitement came from having some benches and tables out in PE as we practised our straight, tuck and star jumps. The children worked safely, and enjoyed showing their athleticism, balance and control. We’ve also really enjoyed answering VIPERS questions about this short film. The class made some brilliant links between the clues in the story and the feelings of the mother.


In Science we’ve been exploring how different materials are used. There’s a fun experiment you can try in the Home Learning.


Have a brilliant weekend,


Mr Lynn

Friday 24th September 2021


Our superstars have worked really hard this week. We’ve been doing lots of assessments to see where we are as we journey further into Year 2. I’ve been really impressed with the effort and positive attitude showed by this fantastic class! They’ve been introduced to so many different types of lessons, such as Spelling Stars, VIPERS, and Make Me a Reader, but have kept adapting to new ways of working beautifully.


In other maths lessons, we have been exploring comparing objects and numbers up to 100. It was nice to see the greater than/ less than alligators again! In English, we’ve been exploring The Papaya That Spoke as a whole. We’ve written expanded noun phrases about the papaya, as well as exploring how exclamation marks are used.


We’ve launched into our Science topic by exploring how different materials are used. Learning that our Jewels in the Jar bowl is actually plastic, despite looking just like glass caused some deep thinking! We’ve also really enjoyed exploring balances, rolls and jumps in gymnastics. The class certainly contains some budding gymnasts!


Finally: thank you for an amazing set of home learning. Some of the excellent Rosa Parks work is going up on our working wall today. It was also great to see maths learning being consolidated, and some super spelling work as well. Thank you.


Have a super weekend.


Mr Lynn

Roald Dahl Day: Crocodile Traps

Papaya Tasting: Talk For Writing Hook

Friday 17th September 2021


Our highlight this week was certainly Roald Dahl day. It was great to see some lovely costumes, and to share one of my favourites; The Enormous Crocodile. The children designed and labelled some ingenious crocodile traps, and had great fun making them for real. We even tried to see if they could trap the crocodiles who had come in!


The rest of English time this week was spent learning The Papaya That Spoke. We now have some real experts! As part of Home Learning this week, you can wow your grown-ups by performing it, using the text map.


In Maths we've been consolidating our understanding of place value. We've learned what 'partitioning' means, and worked on becoming really secure with the value of each digit. 


We launched our new topic by exploring if Rosa Parks is a hero, despite not wearing a cape. The children gave some really thoughtful responses to her actions, and were shocked when they discovered about segregation in 1950s America. As one of our superstars said:  'She wasn't wrong, the rules were'.


We also completed our phonics assessments, ready to start in our Read Write Inc. groups next week.


Have a fantastic weekend everybody!


Mr Lynn

Friday 10th September 2021


Well, it's been wonderful to see all the familiar faces back again! As a class, they've adapted beautifully to the new classroom and some new ways of working. We've put down a really solid foundation this week, all ready to blast off into even more new learning next week.


In English we wrote fantastical tales about the summer holidays that we didn't have.  Many pirates, unicorns, pokemon, fairies and Jedis appeared! We also launched our first Year 2 Talk For Writing Unit: The Papaya That Spoke. We tasted some papaya, which led to a wide variety of reactions! In Maths we've been consolidating our understanding of numbers to 100, and showing our understanding of each digit in a two digit number.


In Art we 'read' the picture: Tiger in a Tropical Storm/ Surprised! by Henri Rousseau. We then enjoyed becoming tigers and making our own tropical storm with maracas.


To end the week, we wrote our class charter. We agreed to 'try to fly' this year. This means to try our hardest in all we do. I'm sure we'll be flying to some amazing learning as the year goes on.


Please have a lovely weekend.

Mr Lynn

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