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Makaton is a language programme that uses signs and symbols to help people to communicate. It is designed to support spoken language and the signs and symbols are used with speech, in spoken word order.


In Nursery, we use Makaton signs to support our learning in all areas of the curriculum. Signs help us to learn new vocabulary and to remember daily routines. We will share a new sign here every week so that you can join in at home. 

Circle Of Life - Makaton Sign Language

Another great song from Melodysigns on YouTube.

Don't Stop Me Now - World Down Syndrome Day

We have started to practise signing "Don't stop me now" ready for World Down Syndrome Day next week. Can you sign along with the chorus?

Sign of the Week - Book

To celebrate World Book Day.

Makaton Sign Language - Shotgun (George Ezra)

Several Nursery children had been singing this song and we were delighted to find this Makaton version by Melodysigns on YouTube.

Sign of the week - PARK

Happy half-term! Hope everyone gets the chance to play outside somewhere next week... Where will you go? Don't forget to add some photos to Tapestry!

Sign of the week: BROCCOLI

Five little ducks

A Makaton signed video of this popular rhyme. This video can also be found at For more information about Makaton, go to

Sign of the Week: MUSIC

We made music in our Pan Band this week!

Sign of the week: HAPPY NEW YEAR

Sign of the week: SNOWMAN

We have been singing about five little snowmen standing in a row!

Sign of the week: REINDEER

Sign of the Week - Pizza

We are learning to sign some of the foods we eat at lunchtime. Pizza is a firm favourite with Nursery!

Signs of the week: HOT and COLD

We have been talking about changes happening around us - and we are all noticing how cold it is getting! We also talked about how hot porridge is when it is cooked and how we must wait for it to cool before we taste it.

Bedtime story!

Singing Hands: Five Little Firemen

Our sign of the week is fireman! Can you spot the sign for fire engine in the video?

Makaton Sign of the Week - Police

Makaton Sign of the Week - Doctor

Sign of the Week - Family

Sign of the Week - Friend

Sign of the Week: Happy

Sign of the Week: School

Sign of the Week: Hello

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