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Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check

All children have LSCWC sheets, with personalised lists of words that they need to learn how to spell. The focus is not just on the individual words, but the spelling rules, so find other words that use the same combination of letters to make the same sounds.

-ough words

Our new focus for spelling is words ending in -ough. How many different phonemes are created using the -ough letter strand?

Children are asked to bring in as many different -ough words for our board.

We have been spending time focusing on our statutory word lists. 

Some children have been doing so well with their spellings, that they have now progressed onto extended vocabulary - can you learn new words and use them correctly in your writing?


I have issued each child with a Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check sheet. They have looked through their spelling books and identified ten words that they must be practising at home, using the LSCWC method. 


Look - Really look at the word. What part of the word do you think you might struggle with? Is there a 'c' that sounds like an 's'? Is there a 'tion' or a 'cian' ending? 

Say - Say the word out loud. Focus on breaking down the sounds into chunks - does the word look like it sounds, or are there any tricky silent letters, or complex sounds in there?

Cover - Cover up the word. No peeking! Try to visualise the word on the page in your mind. Remember what it looked like, and where the tricky bits were.

Write - Have a go.

Check - Were you correct?


Each word should be attempted at least 5 times over one week. Don't complete all of it in one go - this won't make you learn them any faster!



Words ending in -cious and -tious

We have been exploring a new spelling rule - practice/practise? - licence/license? What's the difference? If it is a noun e.g. 'the licence, the practice' then it is -ce. If it is a verb, e.g. 'to license, to practise', then it's -se. Many people still get this wrong, not helped by US Spellcheck!

All children should be learning the words from the 3/4 and 5/6 Statutory Word Lists - try a variety of strategies learnt in class!


Words ending in -fer. Do we double the 'r' when we add a suffix?

-able / -ible

wc 12.9.16 - Statutory Word List Revision

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