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Below is a list of words for us to practise at home based on things we have covered in class so far. Parents, please find time where you can to hold short quizzes with your children on these words:


Treasure, measure, pleasure

Mature, picture, sculpture, temperature, mixture, adventure

impolite, important, impossible, impatient,  immature

incredible, inaccurate, incapable, inactive

irregular, irrational, irresponsible, irresistible

illegal, illogical

they, grey, weigh, eight, sleigh

young, touch, double, trouble, country, does, blood

chef, machine, parachute, brochure

guest, guide, guitar, guard, guess, guarantee



Homophones are words that sound the same but are spelt differently. Naturally, this causes us to get confused at times. Please help us out by practising these when you can:


  • There/they’re/their

    Your/ you’re



  • Would/wood (wud not a word)





  • Piece/peace





  • Past/Passed


In Hawthorn, we have identified a selection of target words which we MUST we able to spell (back to front and inside out!) before moving up to Year 5. We will of course still be learning all of the harder Year 4 words at the same time, but the words below cannot be misspelt in our day to day work, so please help us out at home by having a copy of these words handy! Parents, feel free to hold weekly spelling challenges involving these words, or else just make sure your child has a copy of them close by any time they are writing!

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