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ar- start the car

'oo- Poo at the zoo'



We have enjoyed learning this song to help us with our Red Words:



24.01.2018- Phonics challenge. Can you make a list of the words you find?

Spring Term week 3 and 4

Spring Term- 10.01.2018


Can you read and write these Red Words?


Autumn 2- Week 6

Autumn 2- Week 5

Autumn2- Phonics board- week 4

Autumn 2- Phonics board- Week 3

Autumn 2


Week 2-

Phonics board: 


Autumn 2


Week 1-

We have had a busy first week back! 

Sounds we have learnt this week; u, b, f.


We are also starting to blend sounds together to read 'green' words. Some of us have had a go at writing CVC words;


We are currently updating out Phonics board. Watch this space for weekly updates! 

Autumn 1


Rhyming- Can you find words that sound the same?

Games to play at home:

-Rhyming pairs

-Rhyming bingo


Initial sounds- What sound does ... begin with?

Game to play at home:

-I spy with my little eye

- Talk about sounds


Fred Talk- Fred can only speak in sounds. What is he trying to say- c-a-t?

See the link below for ideas of games to play at home;

Sounds taught this half term;

m, a, s, d, t, i, n, p, g, o, c, k

Can you spot these sounds in; books, on signs or around your home? 


For a guide on sound pronunciation, click the link below:

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