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Year 1 - Yew

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*Scroll down for weekly updates*


It's a real pleasure to be the new Year 1 teacher at our school, and I'm really looking forward to getting to know the class really well. 


Please visit our page as the year progresses for updates, and to find out a little more about what we have been learning about in class.


I believe children learn most effectively, and thrive at school when parents and teachers work together to support them in their development. To enable this, communicate is key, both to celebrate the good things and tackle any problems or concerns. Parents/guardians, please do not hesitate to pop in after school for a quick chat or to arrange a meeting, contact me on the school number, or via email:


Many thanks,

Mr Lynn

Week Ending 14/02/20


Wow, what a busy week! There's definitely been a lot going on in Year One and around the school this week. Firstly, thank you for the amazing attendance of the Book Fair: it was great to see so many of our parents there, supporting it with buying some of the range of super books and stationary. Equally, the Phonics Workshop on Monday was well attended, and I hope of use and interest to all. Personally it was great fun to play a child during Miss Leeman's example lesson! As always, feel free to catch me for a chat after school if anything needs clarifying in this area. Last but certainly not least, the children really enjoyed sharing the video of our Antarctica topic on Thursday. I've put a few stills from the video for any one who didn't manage to be there. I think they must be the most well-informed class on Emperor Penguins I've ever come across.


Over and on top of all of the above, Icarus Bly returned to see the class on Friday, to much excitement! The class showed our work making our very own story 'The Broken Crown', and he was hugely impressed with the mixture of drama, outdoor learning making settings, character descriptions and story writing that he encountered. Well done class!


I wish a fabulous half-term to all, and look forward to seeing everybody again a week on Tuesday.

Antarctica Assembly Stills

The Return of Icarus Bly... and Sock Puppets!

Week Ending 7th February 2020


It's been an incredibly packed, but exciting week! Alongside our regular learning, 3pm has been a particularly cherished time of the day, as a story teller from a different class has come to tell us a traditional tale. Lots of excitement, fun and brilliant expressive participation have been the order of the day!  As part of story telling week we also spent an afternoon lesson exploring the scrap shed. The children were let loose to create settings from our class story. They loved posing in front of the various throne rooms, towers, glass cabinets and fires they created as characters from the story. See if you can spot any witches, robbers, kings, queens or guards!


On top of all this excitement, Thursday saw the children experience an African Drumming session. They excelled as a class and put on an amazing performance to the rest of the school at the end of the day. Considering they fitted in a game of Ultimate Frisbee in PE between learning and performing, it's fair to say it was a busy afternoon!


Next week sees the Book Fair arrive on Tuesday afternoon, opening before and after school until Friday. There will also be our celebration assembly for the school topic on Thursday, and a visit from Alive and Kicking on Friday, where the children will share our 'The Broken Crown' story, through a mixture of writing and drama. I think we'll all need a rest over half-term at that point! 


Week Ending 31/01/2020


It's been a week of penguin research in Year 1! We've created some fantastic fact files, and really enjoyed becoming a 'colony' with the help of Penguin Pete, our new resident friend. Ask your child to see if they can share any of the fantastic facts we discovered! We also completed some observational drawing of Emperor Penguins, focusing on using a 'gentle pencil' to help us to sketch. 


In Maths we've been exploring 'fact families'. For instance, 7+2=9, 2+7=9, 9-7=2 and 9-2=7). This is a challenging area, but using different equipment and with lots of discussion the class have really moved forward with this. 


We fitted in time to check out class tree for signs of Spring. There's nothing as yet, but the class are now fully focused on looking for signs of budding. We also agreed to look out for other signs, such as snowdrops on our way to and from school.



Week Ending 24/01/20


In Maths this week we have continued to explore different methods for subtraction within 20, developing our fluency in this area, and using these skills to tackle some tricky problems. English has seen us writing questions we'd like to ask the British Antarctic Survey, whilst learning how to use different question words. The class came up with some brilliant ideas, although the discovery that scientists there discuss 'snotsicles' was of much amusement to all! In Phonics we've been reviewing Phase 5 sounds, and learning to spell lots of 'red words' to use in our writing, such as were, there, one, and little.


It's lovely to see so many children enjoying going on Numbots at home: well done Year 1!

Week Ending 17/01/20


This week we've been using different methods to add and subtract numbers to 20, including using number lines, concrete resources, and mental strategies. The children have shown some excellent mathematical skills, and some are now tackling tricky missing number questions such as __ - 4 =12.


We very much enjoyed exploring different materials. We used some gloves we find in school, including those belonging to Mr Evans, and investigated whether they'd be suitable for Antarctic conditions. As a class, we decided to put them in a bowl of water and freeze them over night! From this we are looking at properties of materials based around whether they are waterproof and how well they insulate, as well as having a lot of fun!


In English, we built towards writing our 'The Broken Crown' stories, based on our drama work from last week, with more drama and sequencing work. I look forward to reading their stories.


I hope you all have a great weekend.


Gloves for Antarctica? Investigation

Week ending 10/01/2020


Happy New Year! It's great to be back and enjoying our new topic. The highlight of the week was a first visit to Year 1 by Alive and Kicking. Please see the photos of the brilliant drama the children created. They made their own story called The Broken Crown, which we will now be exploring further in class.


PE is now on Monday and Thursday, with the children learning how to play Ultimate Frisbee  with Premier Sports on Thursdays. They really enjoyed the first session despite the chilly weather! Please ensure your child has their full PE kit in school, and that everything is named.


Our new topic is Antarctica. The children have already shown great interest in this remarkable continent, and will be learning more about the explorers of the past, as well as the animals who live there in upcoming weeks.


Week Ending 20/12/2019


Thank you to so many of you for attending our nativity performance of 'The Inn-Spectors'. I'm sure you'll agree that the children were absolutely fantastic. They've worked hard across the half-term, through many hours of rehearsals to create it, and their 'buzz' from performing and growth in confidence from so many, makes all the effort worthwhile. Well done to all, and thank you to the grown up who supported the tricky task of learning lines!


Wishing you all a very merry Christmas with your family and friends, and thank you for the gifts we've received. Mr Evans and I feel very well stocked to enjoy our holidays!


Week Ending 06/12/19


The definite highlight of this week was our trip to see The Night Before Christmas at the Leeds Playhouse. The children showed fantastic behaviour, even regaling some other guests with songs from the nativity whilst waiting for the bus! We all had a brilliant time and found the elf in the show particularly amusing.


In Maths we've reviewed our knowledge of 3d shapes, and then have been looking at the value of each digit in a two digit number, deepening our understanding of place value by making the numbers with tens and ones grids. English has seen us writing a recount of our trip to the community orchard, whilst trying to write 'Super Sentences' (using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces). Once again, the class produced some really impressive writing.


Much of our other time has been continuing to fine-tune the nativity. Thank you for all the costumes received, it's shaping up to be a really good show! 


Finally, please come and have a go at our 'Golden Baubles' stand at the Christmas Fair tomorrow: there's lots of tasty treats to be won!

Week Ending 29/11/19


Wednesday was a particularly unusual day, with a great attendance for our open morning, followed by our walk down to the Community Orchard with Barwick-in-Bloom, in the afternoon. (Please see photos below). Whilst the weather wasn't ideal, it didn't dampen the spirits of the children, who had a great time weaving willow into the Willow Structure down there, alongside saying hello to Hootie the owl again, and further embedding their recognition of deciduous and evergreen trees. Since returning, they have all written to Barwick-in-Bloom with their suggestions for naming the Willow Structure.


In Maths we've been exploring shape, using the properties of 2d shapes to describe them and hone our reasoning skills. Using a 'secret shape' feely bag, children have had to walk to a shape it might be, and explain their reasoning. Clues such as 'it has more that 3 straight sides' have led to some excellent verbal reasoning across the class.


In phonics, we are exploring split digraphs, starting with the a_e sound (such as in cake, or or lane). This is always a tricky concept to begin with, but the class have really impressed with their great attitude to learning these.


Nativity rehearsals are in full swing, and the children are looking forward to sharing their collective efforts in another couple of weeks. If you have lines, keep doing lots of practising at home!


Have a lovely weekend.




Community Orchard Trip

Week Ending 22/11/19


This week we set up our weather station. We've carefully monitored both the temperature and rainfall across the week, and have definitely learned what happens at zero degrees with the icy mornings we've been having! Finally this morning our rain gauge recorded 3mm of rain, to much excitement in the class! This was also well timed to fit with the children writing some absolutely fabulous rain poetry this afternoon. As a class we've learned April Rain Song by Langston Hughes off by heart, the children adapted this to create their very own poems. On a weather theme, we made our November 'visit' to the class tree and noted how few leaves are remaining. On the bright side our outdoor area now has an incredible amount of leaves to explore on the floor.


Next week we are having a short walk on Wednesday afternoon to the Community Orchard to see Barwick in Bloom's willow sculpture there. Alongside the Open Morning that day, it should be a fun day for all!



Ice, leaves and rain poems!

Week Ending 15/11/19


We've continued to look at poetry this week, exploring and comparing some short rain poems, choosing our favourites, and performing them to the class. It's led to some really great discussions about the language choices of the authors, for instances discussing why rain can be described to 'dance in the street', or wind can be said to be 'singing'. 


In phonics, we've learned the 'aw', 'wh' 'ph' and 'ew' sounds, whilst continuing to recap those we've already learned. We emphasise using 'sound buttons' to help us to spot digraphs in words (sounds made of two letters). Perhaps try this at home if children are struggling to spot sounds?


In Maths we are exploring different ways to subtract (as well as learning the 'take it away!' kung-fu action to help us to remember the symbol!) In Thursday's Maths Express we also played a very enjoyable Connect 4 style addition game to further practise our addition.


We've started making a class daily record of the weather in class. Next week we'll begin to take measurements outside, and include temperature and rainfall. Hopefully they'll be less rain than the last few weeks though! In Geography we've consolidated our learning about the seven continents of the world. We all became countries, then had to group together to be a continent. It was a lot of funny to attempt to draw the rather unusual shapes of the continents in chalk on the playground!


Last but not least, as part of Anti-Bullying week, we celebrated our individuality on Odd Socks Day. During this, we celebrated our fantastic class by writing a class pledge about how to ensure there is never any bullying in our class.


The Seven Continents: becoming countries and drawing the continents.

Poetry and addition games!

Rain Poems

Still image for this video
Reading our favourite rain poems to the rest of the class.

Rain Poem

Still image for this video

Week Ending 8/11/19


It's great to be all back at school, but please don't blame us for the weather! Our new Science topic is exploring weather and continuing to observe and understand seasonal change. We've learned about the seasons, and associated different types of weather, as well as performing and rain dances in PE. Next week we will be learning some rain poetry as well. In English this week, we've written some lovely sense poems, applying our knowledge of the five senses to bonfire night, and trying to include adjectives to describe what we experienced.


In Maths we have been practising counting on, and are now looking at finding the 'missing part', for example 4 + ? = 6. The children have been working really hard to master this challenging area.


Week ending 25/10/19


It's hard to believe it's already half-term! It was great to meet you all at parents evening and celebrate the progress your children have made. The Great Barwick Art Show looked amazing and I'm glad so many of you thought so too.


We had a lot of fun using our sense of smell to describe the smell pots in our class this week. It's fair to see we are not big fans of mustard, but the smell of vinegar makes lots of us hungry for fish and chips!


Have a great half-term and we look forward to seeing you all a week on the 4th November.



Week ending 18/10/2019


This week we've added to our 'Months of the Year' display by examining the leaves from our class Horse Chestnut tree in the outdoor area. We noticed that there are fewer leaves on the tree, and those that are are increasingly brown and yellow. We began to learn a Months of the Year song: please make sure your child knows which month they were born in, so they know when to quickly stand up!


On Monday, we found an open window. Underneath it, Mr Lynn's chocolate bar had been half-eaten, there were some grassy footprints and a 'space message box'. With much excitement we carefully listened to the message from space. Beegu thanked us for our lovely letters, and we were relieved to know she is back with her alien parents in space. Mr Lynn was less impressed that his precious chocolate had been munched!


In Maths, we've been really trying to become fluent in Number Bonds to 10: making and drawing them in a variety of ways, and trying to know them 'off by heart'. Please follow the link below for an exciting (and very popular) way to practise them at home! (choose 'Number Bonds' then 'make ten')


It's been a long half-term, but equally it seems to have flown by. I look forward to meeting lots of you at Parents Evenings next week. We are all especially looking forward to the My Masterpiece gallery on Wednesday, where the children will be able to see their fantastic framed pieces of 'Space Art'.



Week ending 11/10/19


Beegu sent us a letter! It was in alien writing, so we had to have it translated. In English, we've all been writing letters back to her this week, and we'll hope we get a response on Monday.


In Maths, we've been exploring addition: using part whole diagrams, and formal number sentences. We've investigated whether numbers can be added in any order with the help of a coat hanger!


Science saw us move to the sense of touch. We learned that our skin in the largest organ in our body, and practised using adjectives to describe objects we could touch but could not see. 


Finally, our 'My Masterpiece' art work is all finished and ready to be framed! We had a gallery walkround of our work on Friday, and we're so impressed with everybody's work. We can't wait to see the finished products at the Art show on 23rd October.

Sense of touch investigation

Week ending 4/10/19


This week we read Beegu, a story about an alien stranded on earth. As well as sequencing the story, we've been honing our inference skills by looking into how Beegu feels, and how the actions of other people affect her. This has led to some great class conversations about how to treat others, and how our actions impact on others' feelings.


In Maths, we've been looking at Part-Whole Models, which is a basis of looking at addition and subtraction. We've been looking at how we used the terms 'part' and 'whole' in our everyday life, and how this relates to maths.


Our topic time has mostly been taken up with creating our 'My Masterpiece' work in Art. We don't want to reveal too much about what we are making, because we want to have a lovely surprise at the school exhibition on the 23rd October. Suffice to say there's been some dressing up, and some great messy art fun involving paint and shaving foam!





Week ending 27/09/19


A change in the weather has led us to looking at seasonal change in Science this week. We are going to visit our class tree each month (the Horse Chestnut in our outdoor area), and see how the tree changes through the year. Given the question 'Is It Autumn Yet?', the class were really split on whether we have moved into Autumn, because the leaves on many trees are only beginning to change colour: some fantastic thinking skills on display in Year 1! Having been increasingly excited by the conker harvest currently underway, we were amazed that conkers are actually seeds from our tree, and each conker could grow into a new one!


In English, we've read Toys in Space by Mini Grey. We met an unusual looking alien in the story, so then made our own. To describe our aliens, we are learning to use adjectives to turn boring sentences into brilliant ones! In phonics we are completing our recap of phase 3 (ow, oi, ear and air sounds) before moving onto Phase 4 and 5. In Maths we've been ordering numbers and learned about ordinal numbers. We enjoyed giving silly items to the child with the correct ordinal number (see photos). Next week we start looking at next week to look at addition and subtraction.


Last but not least, we've been learning two Solar Systems songs: to learn more about each planet, but also the order of the planets from the sun.


Let's hope next week brings some brighter weather!




Is it Autumn Yet?

Ordinal Numbers: give the item to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th person

Week Ending 20/9/19


It's been another jam-packed week in Year 1. We've enjoyed making straw rockets, and blasting off into the class ceiling! Our 'Senses' investigation this week looked at sight. We were fascinated that our pupils change in size depending on light, and enjoyed a 'blind obstacle course', to gain an insight into the challenges of being blind or partially sighted.


In Maths we introduced the > < and = symbols, using crocodiles to help us remember what they represent. In English we wrote about what we had learned about Neil Armstrong. Whilst he is a hero, we were rather surprised that fruit flies, monkeys, a dog and some other people made it to space before him. We watched footage of him stepping on the moon and imagined what that felt like.


Sense of Sight investigation

Week ending 13/9/19


We are really getting into the swing of things in Year 1 this week. In Maths we've been focusing on counting forwards, backwards and finding more or less than a number. In English, we've read a favourite from Reception; Whatever Next, and wondered if you could really go into space in a cardboard box. We've started our Space topic by finding out about the animals who went to space before Neil Armstrong. Were those animals heroes too?


In Science we had a lot of fun tasting some different flavours. Some were more popular than others! Please see the pictures below.


Last but not least, we've had a brilliant Roald Dahl day. We made Enormous Crocodile Traps to catch the villainous crocodile ... who looked suspiciously like Mr Lynn!

The Crocodile Trap! (Roald Dahl Day)

Wow! We have been informed of a really exciting new opportunity for children in East Leeds – the launch of a brand new Youth Theatre!


As a school that champions the Creative Arts, we understand the value of being involved in a group where children can express themselves creatively, resulting in confident, articulate children. We provide opportunities for pupils to engage in drama as often as possible within school time, and also offer a dedicated, extra-curricular session for Y2 – Y6 on Tuesdays after school, but understand that not everybody can make this time.


Please see below for details:

Brave Words Theatre are really excited to be starting Youth Theatre Sessions in South and East Leeds (

Fancy learning acting skills, creating plays and making friends? Gaining confidence, having fun and performing in front of an audience? Here's what our members said about last term:

"It has helped me imagine more stuff and make more friends!"

"Made me more confident, everyone is included"

"Let my fears go when there are people watching me"

"It gives me the opportunity to express my creativity"



MONDAYS (from 7th October)


Kentmere Community Centre, Seacroft

5.15pm - 6pm - 5-7s

6pm - 7pm - 8 - 11s

£2 per week


For more information or to sign up for a free taster, visit:

Week ending 06/09/19


What a busy week we've had in Year 1. I think all of us now need a good sleep! We've all been getting to know each other, and getting started with some Year 1 work in Maths and English. Following a question of 'Who Am I?', we've been learning the names of all our body parts and even made a life-size new member of the class. Watch this space for some fun explorations of our senses in the coming weeks.


It's been a great start, and I look forward to another fun and busy week starting on Monday.

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