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Year 1 - Yew

Yew Class preparing for the Tour De Yorkshire!

This week Yew Class will be learning how to subtract. These are the methods we will be using:

This half term we are learning about SPACE!

This week Yew are adding and this is how we are doing it!

Year 1 taking part in De Turf !


Still image for this video

Today we have finished our robots and they look fantastic! To have a look at our pictures and recordings click on the year 1 robot star!

Hello everyone and welcome to our Year 1 class page. My name is Miss Draxler and I am the Year 1 class teacher. I will be working alongside Mrs Collett who will be Year 1's teaching assistant this year. 


Keep a look out for latest news,events and updates happening in our class. 



This week in Literacy we have been using describing words (adjectives) to describe the colour, size and shape of robots. Some of us challenged ourselves and described how the robot was feeling in the story too. Click on the video link below  and have a go at describing the robot in this story!



Check out this new site to help your child with phonics.

There are a range of videos you can watch which are organised

in phases. Start on Phase 3 and move up or down the

phases to suit your child's learning needs. Have fun!

Children in Need!!


Class Information:


Children will need their PE kits, including pumps, on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We are very lucky this half term because we have football coaches teaching us football skills on a Monday which we are very excited about!



Homework will be given out on a Wednesday and handed in on a Monday. Children's reading books will be changed twice a week and spellings will handed out for children to learn for the following Friday.  If you have any other questions or would like some additional support with homework, please do not hesitate to come and speak to me at the beginning or end of a day.



We have lots of things in class that help us with our phonemes and graphemes.







We worked together to think of Success Criteria for good handwriting.
This half term our topic is:


In literacy we will be reading a range of robot stories and we will be writing our own robot stories too.  We will also be writing a set of instructions for our robots. During our writing lessons we will be thinking about where full stops and capital letters go in a sentence, using finger spaces, using our Freddie Fingers to write words and using connectives (and/ because) to join two sentences together.



In numeracy we will be continuing to count up and back from 100 starting at any number. We will using the splat square (see link below) to help us with this. We will also be learning more about addition and subtraction and identifying and describing a range of 2D shapes.



In Design and Technology we will be finding out about and making our very own robots!



This half term we will be learning all about toys. There will be a particular focus on looking at toys from the past and comparing them to toys we play with today.



In science this half term we are learning about Materials. We will be identifying a range of materials, using adjectives to describe them and sorting them based of their properties.  We will then describe which materials will be best to use when we build our robot.

This half term our topic is:



In our writing we are learning about upper case and lower case letters. We are also thinking about the difference between the name of the letter and the sound it makes.



In Maths we have been counting to 100 and finding missing numbers. We have also been finding 1 more and 1 less than numbers to 100.


Have a go at Literacy and Numeracy the activities below!

1 more and 1 less

Missing Numbers


In Science we have been learning about the body. We have labelled different parts of the body and found out about their functions. 

This week we have been learning about hearts and lungs and some of us held a real pig's heart! Photos will be following shortly!


Here are some websites that will help your child with their learning:

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