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09.01.16 -This week are are learning the i_e phoneme.

Phonics Wall

This week, our phonics sound that we will all be working on is "oa" and our tricky word of the week is "said". Ask your child if they can remember the rhyme we use to help us spell "said".
Read Write Inc. Speed Sounds


In Year 1 we use Read Write Inc to learn phonics. At the heart of Read Write Inc. Phonics is the systematic teaching of all the common sounds in the English language (RWI calls these the Speed Sounds). Children are taught to recognise the sounds and to put them together (‘sound blend’ them) into words for reading.


Children are taught one way of representing the 44 main sounds of English first, and then go on to learn the alternative spellings later on.


To enable your child to gain confidence in reading, they should only be asked to read words containing letter sounds they know securely.


Read Write Inc. introduces the simple Speed Sounds (one sound, one grapheme) with Speed Sounds Set 1 and Set 2. They then learn more ways of writing the same sounds with the complex Speed Sounds Set 3. Children are taught letter names before moving on to Speed Sounds Set 3.


Speed Sounds Set 1

m - a - s - d - t - i - n - p - g - o - c - k - u - b - f - e - l - h - sh - r  - j - v - y - w - th - z - ch - qu - x - ng – nk


Speed Sounds Set 2

ay – ee – igh – ow – oo – oo – ar – or – air – ir – ou – oy



Speed Sounds Set 3

a-e – ea – i-e – o-e – u-e – aw – are – ur – er – ow – ai – oa – ew – ire – ear – ure – tious – tion


Children in Year 1 will learn 1 Speed Sound a week however this may vary depending on your child and the time of year.


We are currently in the process of assessing where the children are, however once phonic lessons start, weekly Speed Sounds will be uploaded onto the website for you to use at home with your child.

This is our Year 1 Phonics Wall. We will put all our new phonemes on here every week!

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