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Foundation - Oak

Pirate ships

Oak Class has been really busy this week. We investigated floating and sinking and thought about which materials and objects would be good for building ships. Then we worked in pairs to design a pirate ship. On Wednesday we had a Wonderful Workshop and built our ships. On Thursday we tested all the ships to see if they would float. We recorded our results on a clipboard and then we made a bar chart.


There has been great excitement in Oak Class this week, as we found buried treasure in our digging area! We are looking forward to learning all about Pirates. This week we have painted pirate portraits and read the story, 'Pirates Love Underpants!'

We also made eye patches and said 'Arrr!' a lot. There is more fun to come: we will design and make pirate ships and will write messages to float in bottles. 


We looked after our baby caterpillars very carefully and checked on them everyday. We saw the cocoons they made and were lucky enough to see one of the butterflies actually emerge. On the last day before the half-term break, we let our butterflies go free. They were a bit nervous about going to live in the wild! It was a fantastic experience for children and adults alike.

Bugs, Birds and Beasts!

This week we have been learning about caterpillars.

"They hatch out of eggs." - Laila P.

"Caterpillars are really small and they eat loads and loads of leaves before they turn into butterflies." - Eleanor 

"They make a cocoon and they turn into a butterfly." - Toby A.  

"We read 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'." - Rylan 


Holy Week

Palm Sunday

"Jesus came to Jerusalem." - Oscar

"The people waved leaves at him." - Laila S.

"They shouted Hosanna." - Emily


"Jesus went to the temple." - Samantha

"He pushed the tables over." - Teagan


Some people made a plan to get Jesus.


Judas betrayed Jesus.

Thursday - The Last Supper


"We have been writing sentences." - Oscar

"Our sentences have been good." - Jacob

"We put a full stop at the end of the sentence." - Mia


"We have also been doing handwriting." - Laila S.

"We have practised holding the pens right." - Jacob

"We practised forming letters the right way." - Mia

We made a paddling pool!

"First, we put the plastic onto the digging area." - Alexander

"If we didn't do that, the water would have all soaked up." - Erin

"Then we filled lots of containers with water and put it in the plastic." - Alastair

"It took a long time!" - Amara

"It was fun!" - everyone

Science Day

Science Day has been so much fun! We started the day with amazing Science demonstrations from the teachers and watched the solar eclipse live on the big screen. Back in class, we did lots of investigations, including the finding the fastest way to pop bubble wrap! 

Den building

St Patrick's Day

Class Assembly 

We really enjoyed doing our class assembly for Mothering Sunday. We were a bit sad that some of our friends missed it because they are poorly. So we did the song again this afternoon and two of our friends from Year 5 made a video. We will be able to watch it next week in the Agile Learning Space, when everyone is better.


Portraits for Mothering Sunday.

Building and Planning

Our new topic is Building and Planning. We are learning about different kinds of buildings and we are making our own model town. We watched a video about different homes all around the world. We think it would be very exciting to live in a tree-house high above the rainforest. 

World Book Day - 5th March 2015

Welcome to Foundation - Oak!


We have been learning about Dinosaurs!  We ran a Dinosaur Museum and Nursery came to visit. We built a huge model dinosaur out of cardboard boxes and we measured it using bricks. 

Here are some of the things we know about dinosaurs:


"We have been learning about all different kinds of dinosaur teeth" - Mia

"I found a fossil inside a rock." - Seth

"We found out how long dinosaurs' necks were." - Heidi

"Tyrannosaurus Rex had sharp teeth" - Liam

"A tyrannosaur's teeth were as big as bananas!" - Amara

"A stegosaurus' plates could change colour." - Toby C.

"Brachiosaurus had a long neck." - Patsy

"A big meteorite hit the Earth and made all the dinosaurs dead. All that was left of them was just the bones." - Oscar


Don't forget to read our poem and our story! 



A poem by Oak Class, based on 'The king of all the dinosaurs' by Paul Cookson

A Dinosaur Story by Oak Class. We hope you enjoy reading the story. We wrote it together. We think it is awesome!

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