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Weekly Class Updates

 Week Commencing: 09.11.2020 


Topic- This week we have been learning all about Diwali. The children know it is a festival of light celebrated by Hindu and Sikh people. They really enjoyed decorating our nursery role play area for a Diwali celebration. We learnt the story of Rama and Sita using puppets to show the children each part clearly and created our own diva lights to enjoy while we ate our snack.


Maths- The children have been counting to 3 and recognising the numeral. We linked this to our shape learning too, exploring our nursery environment for triangles, counting their sides carefully. Our key vocabulary this week has been the word ‘more’. Can children recognise which group of objects has more? Do they understand that if we ask for more of something our group gets bigger?

Next week, we will be exploring ‘fewer’, rectangles and continue our number recognition of 0, 1, 2 and 3.


Talk for Writing- Our Talk for Writing text this half term is ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!’ We can’t wait to explore this story with our children next week.


A big thank you to all the parents who have been working hard at home on their child’s independence. Many children are now becoming confident to put their own shoes on, coats on and even do their zips. It is an essential skill to learn that we encourage at all times. Brilliant Job!

Week Commencing: 02.11.2020 


Topic- This week we have been learning all about Bonfire Night. The children were all very excited about seeing the fireworks and playing with sparklers.

We thought it was important that children understood the history of bonfire night and exactly why we celebrate it each year. We used our role play area to act out the story of Guy Fawkes and King James. They children were brilliant actors and could retell the story when asked. There has been lots of fireworks fun, from bobbing for apples, making sparklers and even chocolate apples! It’s been a tasty week.


Maths- This week we have concentrated on getting the children settled back into nursery after the holiday so we have recapped the numbers 0, 1 and 2.

Across this half term, our main focus will be to introduce some key concepts of maths such as ‘more’ ‘fewer’ and ‘same.’


Talk for Writing- In our Talk for Writing session this week the children learnt a bonfire poem. They worked with Miss Taylor and Mrs Smith to draw their own text map and come up with actions for each picture we drew. They were brilliant!


Library Books- Please ensure you continue to bring your child’s nursery book bag each time they attend a session. As the nursery has a limited book supply please try to look after the books at home, unfortunately we have had a few returned with tears and parts missing. We understand general wear and tear however the better care we take of our books the more selection we will have to offer.

Pictures from WC 02/11/2020

Week Commencing: 12.10.2020 


Topic- We have been looking at what superheroes wear this week. The children always enjoy wearing the costumes so we thought it would be a great idea for them to create their own superhero costume this week. Following some discussions of powers and colours the children made up their own superhero name and chose which colour they wanted their costumes to be. We can’t wait to see them in action next week when they are finished.


Maths- Number of the week: Number 2. This week, we finished our work on the number 2. Many children are now showing confidence with the numbers we have met so far, reading their numeral and matching their value. Zero does like to play tricks on them still though! We are looking forward to meeting number 3 next week!


Phonics- Phonics this week has been all about discussing sounds the children enjoy listening to and sounds they dislike. Some of the answers we had volunteered were…

“I enjoy the sound of the ice cream man’s van. I like the music and it means I get ice-cream”

“I enjoy the sound of birds in the garden”

“I dislike loud bangs, they scare me.”


Talk for Writing- In our Talk for Writing session this week the children demonstrated superb memory skills, remembering every part of the Evil Pea story we created last week. On Wednesday, we extending this story with vocabulary the children generated themselves. We also found out why the King had gone to see the Evil Pea… It was because he had stolen the King’s crown!!! (Can you believe that?)


Library Books- The children are really enjoying their reading at home from our nursery library. They love to tell both myself and Mrs Smith all about the book they have shared at home, who read it to them and what type of book they want to look for next. Thank you for all your support reading at home. We feel strongly that a love of reading comes from a young age so please continue to share this time with your child as often as possible.


Week Commencing: 5.10.2020 


Topic- We have been reading the story of 'Supertato' this week. On Monday morning the children were shocked to find that the Evil Pea had been causing trouble in our nursery! He even stole Bob Bug! We worked hard all week to stop the Evil Pea’s plans and rescue Supertato from different situations!


Maths- Number of the week: Number 2. Miss Taylor was getting really worried as she couldn’t find anything nursery had 2 of. She set the children on a challenge to help her and they found lots of objects that made 2! Excellent job!


Phonics- This week, the children have been using their ears to match different sounds to pictures. The animals were super easy but some of the environmental sounds were harder to identify. They enjoyed singing ‘Supertato had a box ee-i-ee-i-oh.’ We listened to musical instruments from Supertato’s box and sang the song together.


Talk for Writing- Evil Pea is a new character in our Talk for Writing sack. We started a story together which we will extend next week. The children are learning their story actions well!


Library Books- Please continue to read daily at home with your child and bring your book bag to nursery each time you attend.


Here are some photographs from this week:

Week Commencing: 05.10.2020

Week Commencing: Monday 28th September 2020 


What an energetic week we’ve had!


Maths- This week we have been consolidating our learning about the number 1! We have found lots of objects that nursery only has 1 of, like 1 Bob Bug! We practiced writing the number 1, enjoyed watching Number Blocks and we even enjoyed a Friday challenge from the character Number 1 himself! The children did brilliantly!


Phonics-This week we have been listening to recorded sounds, from animals to those we would hear in the environment! The children had to listen closely to each sound and match it to the correct picture.


Literacy- This week, the children have been challenging their language use – we have been building word banks of exciting words we could use to describe different superheroes we have met so far.


Superhero fun – The children have enjoyed lots of physical exercise this week becoming superheroes and completing a super power obstacle course. They have also explored magnetic powers and how magnets work, the materials they attract to and explaining this to each other. A very fun week had by all!


Library Books- Since the beginning of September, the children have thoroughly enjoyed sharing our nursery library books at home. Please continue to read with your child on a regular basis and bring back their book bag to each nursery session.

28.9.2020 - 2.10.2020

Week commencing: 21.09.2020


What a busy week in Nursery! We’ve nearly got all our children in now.


Maths- This week we have explored the number 1! We really enjoyed watching NumberBlocks, meeting the number 1 and listening to his song! The children tried writing the number 1 and found lots of items we have 1 of in nursery.


Phonics- Do you know how to make different sounds? This week, we explored the different sounds objects and instruments made. Could we make a loud sound? Did scraping make a different sound to banging? It was lots of noisy fun!


Superhero fun – Nursery has had Spiderman and his friends come to visit this week. He left us a message and sent us on a hunt for super items he had lost while playing in the outdoor area! We found them all! Great work!

Week 2 Learning and Fun!

Week commencing 14.09.2020


This week in nursery the children have been demonstrating how grown up they are. All of the children, including those who have visited or started nursery this week, are starting to learn their daily routine, super sitting and lining up. A fabulous start! Miss Taylor and Mrs Smith are really impressed.

We have had lots of fun learning all about our superhero topic, what they do and why they are super!

In phonics, we have been using our super listening skills to hear lots of different things both inside and outside. We know it is important to stay quiet so we can listen carefully.

The nursery children also enjoyed some Talk for Writing games using pictures to create our own story and we even learnt some actions to help us remember certain parts.


Please continue to return your book bag each time you attend nursery and remember to check the book bag each day as we may send home letters/ forms for your attention.





Our Talk for Writing Games and Other Fun Learning!

Week commencing 07/09/2020


Welcome to our weekly update. This week in Chestnut class, Miss Taylor and Mrs Smith have enjoyed seeing all the smiling faces of our previous children as well as meeting some of our new starters. 


Everyone has settled in brilliantly and are getting used to our Nursery routines and environment. We have been building up our nursery welcome tree with our hand prints, measuring our height on our first day and painting our own superhero portraits.


We are looking forward to lots more superhero fun over the coming weeks and meeting more nursery friends!


Parent Note: Please send your children's book bag each day they are in Nursery. If you haven't had chance to read your shared book don't worry we can send it home again on your request.

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