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Weekly Class Updates

Friday 20th January 2023


Year 5 have had a busy week continuing with our Learning Means the World unit, In Your Element. We learnt about volcanoes and even made our own! We also learnt about tsunamis and the canal system in the UK.

In English, we have been writing a journey tale together for our guided write. The children have impressed us with their writing skills.

In Maths, we have been multiplying using different methods.

Friday 13th January 2023


This week in Year 5 we have created our very own wormery in class- we gathered soil and sand, and rehomed some worms! This was part of our Learning Means the World journey. Our topic is 'In your element', in which we are exploring about exciting aspects of geography including earthquakes, mountains and various types of rock.


In maths, we have worked as a class to master our understanding of rectangles- ask us how to find out the area of a compound shape!

Friday 6th January 2023


What a brilliant first week back Year 5 had! You all came back to the same classroom but with two new teachers! Well done for settling into the new routines and new expectations so well.


Here are a couple of sneak peaks into some of the things we got up to. Check out the photos below!


As a class, we went on an imaginary journey revealing challenges along the way. In our groups, we plotted our journey, illustrating how we would overcome the challenges.
We were allowed to use a little bit of magic and A LOT of imagination!


We got to act as teachers AND interior designers on Friday, as we sorted and analysed the different birthdays of everyone in Year 5. We then got a chance to discuss what a good school and classroom is made of, finally designing dream classrooms of our own!


Watch this space to see some of your exciting ideas come to life...

Friday 9th December

Class Collective Worship

A massive well done to all the children who did a fantastic job this morning with our class collective worship. You all worked so hard to learn lines and know when it was your turn to speak.


Christmas Chaos or Festive Fun?!

Next week is looking like a fabulous Christmas week. For those who find change very difficult here is a rundown of what to expect…

Monday 12th – Christmas Carousel

You will be moving around all the classrooms completing different Christmas Crafts.

There is no PE on this day.

Tuesday 13th – Elf Day

You will start the morning by making our Christingles and then completing your Elf Run! You will be back in class during the afternoon.

Wednesday 14th - Barwick’s Got Talent

You will be in the hall for most of the day in order for all the classes and acts to perform.

Thursday 15th – Christmas Party Day!

You will have time in the hall for a disco and party food in the classroom. You will also have Spanish as normal. To finish the day, you will be going into the hall.

Friday 16th – Christmas Jumper Day

You will start the day at Church for our Christmas Carol Service and Christingle Service. Once we return to school, there will be lots of Christmas activities in class for the rest of the day!


Friday 2nd December 2022

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

This week has seen the start of Christmas in school! We have decorated the school Christmas tree with our baubles we created at home. There is also a small Christmas tree in class and a very naughty elf called Copper!

In Learning Means the World this week, we have been learning about Roman Roads and Towns. We have also begun to look at the concept of legacy in terms of the Romans.

We have completed our English and Maths units this week but we still have lots to complete before Christmas! We started a new maths unit, which is all about Perimeter and Area. In English, we have been talking about persuasive writing.

Friday 25th November 2022


This week we have been busy writing our independent writes. We have been writing warning tales, which link in with our Learning Means the World topic that is all about the Romans.

We have also completed our presentations on different Roman leaders. The children completed their own research and put the information they have collected onto a PowerPoint.

Friday 18th November

Today was TAKE OVER DAY!

Thank you to all the children who taught the class and helped with all my usual jobs today! I had a lovely, relaxing morning while you all did the hard work!


I am so impressed with all your Roman pots from Open Morning last week – find a selection of the final pots below. Great work everyone!

Friday 4th November 2022

What half term?

This week has been a busy start to the half term! We launched our new Learning Means the World unit which is called You’re Not Invited! We will be focusing on the Romans and will look at specific invasions and key people from the Roman period.

We have already looked at reasons why invasions might happen and we have looked at a list of invasions dating back to World War II. We were very surprised at how many invasions have taken place over the years!


Today, there was some new shared in year 5…


Baby Fox is due to arrive in January!

I will be going off on maternity leave at the end of this term and so Mrs Hand and Mr Roycroft will be taking year 5 from January.

Friday 21st October 2022

Happy Half Term!

It has been an extremely busy 7 weeks in year 5! We have had a brilliant start to year 5 and we are now all settled.

This week we have started our addition and subtraction unit in Maths. We have looked at adding and subtracting numbers with more than 4-digits as well as working with the inverse operation to check answers.

In English, we have completed our independent writes all about Space! The children did a brilliant job. Great work.

Friday 15th October 2022

This week has been all about our independent writing. Everyone has been working on their own defeating a monster story that is linked to Space.

In Learning Means the World we have compared the similarities and differences between different planets. The children researched all about the planets to help them with this work. This week, we have also been learning about the first landing on the Moon. We listened to the story and watched what happened. In response, we created our own planet called Zorbitron. We thought about what would be on the planet and what you would see and experience if you landed on it!

Friday 7th October 2022


Happy TT Rock stars Dress Up Day!


Everyone looked amazing today as Rock stars! We started the day in the hall as a whole school to launch our TT Rockstars competition. Make sure you log on and join in the competition!

This week we have worked extremely hard in English on our Shared Write. Everyone has completed work on contractions, fronted adverbials, and inverted commas to help them to improve their writing. Great job everyone.


If you have not already seen it, make sure you look at the video of photographs from residential.

Friday 30th September 2022


What a fabulous 3 days! On Monday, we travelled to Weardale Adventure Centre for our residential. When we arrived Reece and the other instructors greeted us. After that, we split off for a tour of the site and to find ours rooms… some of us found it challenging to get our suitcases up the stairs because they were so big and heavy!

After lunch we split into our groups and started our first activity.  By 4pm, we were all back and there was some free time before dinner. Straight after dinner, the tuck shop opened and everyone could spend his or her money. After that, we joined as a class for our evening activity. On Monday, our evening activity was Nightline. At 7:30pm, we had time as a class to enjoy hot chocolate before heading upstairs for showers and chill time in our rooms. Lights off was 9:30pm but some of the boys didn’t get this message and kept Mr Roycroft and Mr Portch up until the early hours!

Day 2 started at 7am when children went for showers before breakfast. We met our instructors for our first activities at 9am. We met back together at 12 o’clock for lunch and a rest before afternoon activities, which started at 1pm! After our afternoon activities we had free time again before dinner. Our second nights evening activity was a campfire! By hot chocolate time we were all very tired! Most of us were ready for showers and an early night… or was that just the teachers?!

The year 5 activities were Bush Craft, High Ropes, Adventure Trek, Nightline and Campfire.

Our final morning was all about the Crazy Olympics! After stripping our beds, packing and breakfast, everyone met on the field at 9am. The morning whizzed by with lots silly activities including relay races, tig of war, limbo and the canoe pull! We finished off our time at Weardale with lunch before heading back to Barwick!

Friday 23rd September 2022

3 Sleeps until Residential!

Today, I have explained to the children all about what to expect on Monday! They will arrive at school as usual (but with their suitcases) and will be allowed down at 8:30am. The classroom door will be opened early so they can get themselves in class and we can complete the register and give out the final information before we go out and get on the coach! We are aiming to leave school on the coach at around 9am.


In Learning Means the World today, we have created paintings of the moon! Everyone had to mix powder paint to get different shades. I was so impressed with how some children created texture on their paintings – Great Job!

Friday 16th September 2022

Another fabulous week!

We have continued our work on place value in Maths – we have been working on rounding which some of us have found a challenge but I am so proud of how everyone has persevered. Great work.

In English we have continued to work with our model text. We have also completed recounts of what happened from Smok’s perspective!

In Learning Means the World we have had a go at some music. Everyone got to have a go at creating rhythms on un-tuned instruments. We have also completed PowerPoints on famous space astronomers.

Friday 9th September 2022

What a fabulous first week!

Well done on smashing your first week in year 5! I have been so impressed with the way everyone has listened and worked this week.

In Maths we have started our unit on place value. We have worked with Roman Numerals this week to 1000!

In English, we have introduced our model text called Krak the Cobbler and Smok the Dragon. In one of our lessons, we acted out paragraph 4 where Krak saves the day!


Don’t forget that it is Roald Dahl day on Tuesday (13th September) so we will be off timetable all day!

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