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Year 3 - Mulberry

12.9.17 Welcome to the new school year! 

Welcome to the Mulberry class 2017/2018 class page. 

All the class have settled in well and are looking forward to the exciting things we have planned!


This half-term we are working to decide if Titus Salt was a hero or a villain. We felt that the best way to do this would be to visit Saltaire; the town that he built for the workers of his factory in the Victorian age! The trip will take place on Tuesday 26th September. A letter will be sent out as soon as coach travel has been confirmed. 


Please note that P.E. kits will be required on Mondays and Fridays this half-term. 

A photograph of Titus Salt

Please find the key instant recall facts for Autumn 1 below. Children will work through each target until they know each number fact instantly. Please help your child to practice these at home.

8.6.17 Election fever grips Mulberry!


This week, we have been thinking about the general election and the changes we would like to make to our school. All the children wrote their own manifesto, stating their vision for the future of our school. We then held an election to vote for our favourite ideas. 


Congratulations to Amy Brown on her victory! She produced a beautifully written speech about why the school must  have an outdoor swimming pool! 

25.5.17 Amazing cross stitch work now completed!



Should fidget spinners be banned from school?


As Friday P.E. was washed out by the rain, we decided to hold a debate about fidget spinners. 


Despite some very convincing arguments that they should be, the class voted that they should not be banned! 


The children produced well thought out arguments and counter arguments throughout. 



Today we have been performing poems! I am very proud to say that everybody in the class contributed to a performance of a poem called The Sound Collector. 


You can hear the author of the poem reading his work here:


Mr C


Hello if you are reading this from a primary school in another country!


This week we have launched an exciting survey that we hope will be filled in by children around the world! This half-term we are looking at how we can collect, store and present data using ICT. We thought of some questions that children around the world could answer and Mr Cutler made some of them into a survey. He has contacted many different schools in different countries and we hope that some children will fill the survey in! 


The survey can be found here:


Fingers crossed!

30.3.17. What an exciting week! Our archaeological dig produced exciting results, including pottery and old coins! The oldest coin was from 1901!



We have loved reading Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura. This week, we used the information we learnt about the stone age to write about a typical day in the life of people loving in this time. 


In maths, we have been multiplying larger numbers using the grid method. The BBC do a good guide that shows how to do this.



I am writing this update midway through the excitement that is World Book Day! The children all look amazing in their various costumes! We have Harry Potter characters, we have found a selection of Wallys, and we have several super heroes and super villains! This morning we started the day off by playing a fun game! We took it in turns to write parts of a story, so that each table of 4 ended up with 4 stories that each child had contributed to! You can find the game here: if you want to play at home. 



We have been looking at multiplication and division this week. We have enjoyed playing lots of games and working out how to do larger multiplications, such as 23 x 5. Our mental calculations are getting quicker. We have been practicing on ipad apps including hit the button. 

You can play it at home at this web address:

Well done to George for making the most money over the half-term on the times table rock stars app. He made an incredible £48,034, and has a high score of 47 correct answers in 1 minute!




We have been reading a very exciting book called Storm!


We did some of our own descriptions of a storm and merged them together into a piece of shared writing. 


You can see the results below. Every child contributed in some way to its creation. 


Tom was frightened to see the ferocious patterns in the sky. It was scary, but magical at the same time. Rain started to clatter onto Tom’s head. The wind was picking up and started to blow the trees like they were angry men in a fight. The bellow of thunder rang out all around him and shook the houses to their foundations. The rain was now deafening. Every now and then lightning crackled from the East to the West. It felt like the wind was punching him in the face. Coupled with the rain drops crashing into him rapidly, Tom was suddenly very uncomfortable.


Suddenly, lightning hit a nearby tree. In an instant, it was alight. Smoke poured from it making the air smell like it might be Hell itself.

20.1.17 Earlier on in the week, we enjoyed an interesting visit to All Saints Church. We were looking at all of the amazing art as part of our art in religion topic in R.E. Some pictures are below.

Spring 1 Update


Happy new year everyone!


A new year brings new exciting learning in Mulberry class!


We have been set a task after receiving a mysterious message from a gentleman named Darwin Trotter! Darwin has crash landed on a strange island. His group need to find out where the best place for them to live on this extreme island is. We have decided to research volcanoes to see if it is a good idea for Darwin and his friends to live or even travel in that direction. So far, we have discovered lots of interesting things about how and why they erupt. 


Our first swimming session went well. I was very proud of how the whole class were happy to enter the water and follow the instructor's guidance. Our sessions will continue for the full term, every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 


I have put a focus in this half-term's homework on children reading more at home. I thank all parents for their support with this, as I can see renewed enthusiasm for reading across the whole class. 


Mr Cutler

Autumn 2 update!


The first week of the half-term has flown by! There are lots of exciting things afoot! 


We have begun to study James and the Giant Peach as part of our story telling topic. So far, we have focused on understanding the thoughts, feelings and actions of each character. We do not like Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker! In Numeracy we are continuing to focus on number, while in science we have begun a new topic on light. 


The new homework grid is now available online. 


Please ask if you need any further information.


Mr Cutler


Image result for james and the giant peach



Welcome to the Mulberry class of 2016/17 home page!

What an excellent start to the term! 


All of the children have worked very hard and are adjusting to life in Key Stage 2!


Check back over the course of the year for updates on the exciting things that we will be working on. See the links below for information about homework and P.E.


Please contact me if you would like any more information about anything we do in school!


Thank you, 

Mr Cutler

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