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Weekly Class Updates

Friday 15th September 2021

This week we have been working with line graphs. We found drawing line graphs challenging during the week but we all managed to successfully represent data on a line graph we had drawn in our books.

On Tuesday, we had Spanish Day. During lesson time, we had a go at a range of Spanish activities linked to numbers, colours and comparing Spain to England. We also got the opportunity to have a go at some Spanish Dancing! In the afternoon, we were inspired by Picasso. We had a go at painting in his style.

Friday 8th October 2021

This week we have finished our unit in Maths on addition and subtraction. As a class, we pushed ourselves to work on challenging multi-step problems. Well done to everyone for their perseverance!

In English we have completed out independent writes. Next week we move onto our new writing unit which is to write a recount.

Well done to everyone on their progress in PE. It is fantastic to see everyone building their skills and confidence when it comes to passing, attacking, defending and intercepting. Great work.

Friday 1st October 2021

In Maths, we have started a new block which focuses on addition and subtraction. We have been working with bigger numbers in both addition and subtraction. As well as being challenged with the number of exchanges we have had to make.

As a class, we completed our guided writes this week. We had different grammar focus’ with different paragraphs to help us when we complete our independent writes.

This week in Art, we practiced mixing powder paint. We recreated our own versions of one of Henri Matisse’s works. We also used oil pastel in our design. We were amazed that the water based paint did not cover the oil pastel and we discussed why.

Friday 24th September

Yesterday was a very exciting day in year 5! We were invited to trial a taster session with Pie Corbett! The session involved different interactive activities linked to Talk for Writing. We all loved being able to post our ideas online as we came up with them and interact with Pie himself! Mrs Fox was particularly excited when her sentence was read out, although Pie did pronounce Barwick incorrectly which made us all laugh!

This week has been assessment week in school. Everyone has worked really hard to work through their assessments. Well done everyone for your hard work this week.

Friday 17th September

It has been another very fast week in Year 5!

We started this week all dressed up as characters from Roald Dahl stories. Have a look at the photos below from Roald Dahl Day.

In Maths this week we have continued our work with place value. We have worked with up to 7 digit numbers! We are now working with millions!

In English, we have planned our defeating a monster stories based on the model text. Next week we will look at key grammar and we will work together to write our own stories.

Welcome Back!

Friday 10th September

This week has flown by!

In Maths, we have started work on number and place value. We have worked with numbers to 10,000 as well as having a go at using Roman Numerals to 1,000.

In English, we have introduced our first unit of work and started to learn our first model text called Krak the Cobbler and Smok the Dragon which is all about an unexpected hero.

We have also started our History unit which is all about the Gunpowder plot. In PE this half term we will be having a go at Tag Rugby.

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