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Viking Dance: pupils choreographed a dance to show boat building, sailing across the seas, encountering stormy weather, reaching the new land and preparing for battle. Hopefully you can see the different elements within their dance!

Viking Expert Visit: So much information! We loved discovering the artefacts and finding out about Viking 'trading and raiding'.

Computing: Can we be app developers? Presenting our ideas...

Active Learning in Geography: erosion and deposition in rivers

Christmas Rap

I wanted to upload the video to show parents, but the file is too large!
It was lovely to perform our shadow puppet version of the Nativity Story, and especially lovely when nursery children shared their version of the story with us too!

The Arrest of Mr Tumnus 23.11.17

Frida Kahlo Work, including a visit from nursery children who wanted to see our amazing pictures! 13.11.17

WWII: What would it have been like during The Blitz?

Investigating Light in Science Nov 2017

Roald Dahl Day 13.9.17 - Drawing along with Quentin Blake in a live lesson

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