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Barwick-In-Elmet Church of England Primary School is a highly inclusive primary school which strives to meet the individual needs of all its learners. The vision for our school is to be a community of faith where we believe, achieve and grow together. We aim to embed through an ethos of nurture core Christian values of hope, peace and koinonia.


At Barwick-in-Elmet Church of England Primary School we aim:

¨ to instil spiritual awareness and a Christian faith that will guide our children in a society of diverse faith, belief and culture to be recognised as an ‘outstanding’ learning community where learners achieve high standards and reach their full potential in all areas of learning.

¨ to provide a happy, healthy and secure sustainable learning environment, one which inspires an excitement for learning and an enthusiasm for life .

¨ to work in partnership with our community to safeguard our unique local heritage.

¨ o secure an open and welcoming partnership between school, home and the community which values, celebrates and embraces diversity and individuality.


These aims are designed to ensure that our school provides equality of education and opportunity for all. Our school aspires to meet the needs of all taking account of learning ability, disability, ethnicity, culture, gender, language, faith, belief, sexual orientation and socio-economic factors by:

¨ ensuring our inclusive ethos is maintained, making our school a place where everyone feels welcomed and valued.

¨ ensuring everyone in our community is encouraged to achieve their full potential

¨ respecting valuing and celebrating diversity.

¨ preparing our pupils for life in a diverse society.

¨ acknowledging and addressing prejudice .


The following policies are available and reflect the school’s commitment to inclusion, safety and well-being of children:

¨ Inclusion Policy

¨ SEN Policy

¨ Medicine Policy

¨ Safeguarding Policy

¨ Safer Working Practice Policy

¨ Safer Recruitment Policy

¨ Child Protection policy

¨ Behaviour Policy

¨ Teaching and Learning policy

¨ Anti-Bullying Policy

¨ Health and Safety Policy

¨ Freedom of Information and Publication Scheme



Our building meets all the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act. We have accessible entrances and exits We have accessible toilets and hygiene suite for adults and children. The school colour scheme supports those who are visual impaired.



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