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Summer 1

This half term we are focusing on Oral Blending and Segmenting using Fred Talk. The children have met Fred the frog, who is used during all Phonics sessions. Fred, like the children, is learning to read, and only says the sounds in words (Fred Talk). Fred says each sound in the word, and the children have to blend the sounds together to identify the word. For example: m-a-t or d-a-d. 


In addition to learning Fred-Talk, we will also be learning a few of the Set 1 sounds from Read Write Inc


Useful Website for Sound Pronunciation:


Please see out Phonics Display in the classroom to see what sounds we are learning. During free play, the children are invited to add to the Phonics Board when they find an object that begins with our sound of the week. 


1- m- Stretchy sound

Action- Stretch your arms our wide as you say "mmmm"

Rhyme: "Maisy, Mountain Mountain"


2- a- Bouncy sound

Action- Jump up and down as you say "a a a a"

Rhyme: "Round the apple and down the leaf" 

1 and 2- Phonics Board

As well as learning to identify the phoneme, we encourage the children to have a go at writing the letters using different resources. In Nursery, the children are encouraged to make large marks, before making smaller marks for writing in Reception. Here are a few ways the children learn how to correctly form the letters;


Spring 2- rhyme

This half term we have been consolidating our understanding of rhyme. We have learnt that rhyme means 'words that sound the same.' In our phonics lessons, we have been playing lots of different games involving rhyme. 

Silly soup

Rhyming SPLAT

Rhyming bingo

Rhyming pairs

odd one out

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