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Weekly Class Updates



Thank you for such a great Term. It has been super fun and you've all made loads of progress. Enjoy the break and make sure that you have a really relaxing Christmas and come back rested in January.


Merry Christmas!!!



It has been a brilliant week in Year 5. We have had lots of fun and learnt absolutely loads.




We have been discovering how to calculate area and perimeter. This has involved investigating missing lengths and learning our first formulae. Our factor pair knowledge really came in useful too.




We have all written a fabulous story about a lost climber. It is a 'Finding Tale' which we wrote together, coming up with really nice ideas as a class. Having completed this, we now start our independent story. They all sound brilliant, I can't wait to read them.




We have been practicing our sketching skills, concentrating on tone and texture through shading. The improvement has been tremendous. Give it a few more classes and we'll be contacting the Tate Modern. 


Well done all.



We've had a really nice week in Year 5.


In maths, we have been learning about cube and square numbers as well as how to divide and multiply numbers by 10, 100 and 1,000. Everyone did fantastically well, we just have to remember to use our place value charts.


For English, we have begun writing our shared story. The creativity has been incredible and I can't wait to hear the rest of it next week.


In science, we have been learning about air resistance, using parachutes to perform fair tests. 


Finally,  we have been getting all festive by starting our Christmas cards and calendars.






In Year 5 we have packed a lot in to a short week.


We have said goodbye to statistics and have started learning about factors and prime numbers. Every single person has made great strides and the books look great. Well done everyone.


In English, we have been learning our model text, Dobber and the Silver Ring. I have put pictures of the text map in the resources section of the website. If you can spend some time learning this over the weekend it would be amazing. 


Our second science lesson on gravity worked really well. We predicted and then tested the gravitational pull on different objects and found some really amazing links between mass and weight.


Have a nice weekend.




Another week in the books!


Statistics have been completed and I must say everyone has done brilliantly. Whether it be line graphs or timetables, we can interpret the data. Next stop, multiplication and division.


In English, we have completed our recount. The writing has been ingenious and full of colour. Next week...... our new text.


We have also spent time discussing gravity and completed some excellent paintings in the style of Matisse. Finally, can I again say how impressed I am by the classes spellings. Everyone is giving 100% and that is great.


Well done all. 



What a great week in Year 5!


In English, we have learnt our model text of a recount, Dragon Defeated, and written our 'guided write'. This means that next week we can start the process of writing our very own independent recount next week. The planning has already started and there are some brilliant ideas. I can't wait for everyone to put all that they've learnt into practice.


During maths, we have been concentrating on statistics. Namely, interpreting line graphs and tables. This will continue next week, where we progress to two-way tables. Everyone has really grasped the concepts and it has been a brilliant week.


In PE, we have been practicing our football skills. The rate that we are going it will be Cruyff turns next week!


Finally, I just want to say how well the class did in their spelling tests.


Have a good weekend. 



It has been really great to see everyone back in school this week after a refreshing week off.


In English, we have learnt our our non fiction text, 'Dragon Defeater'. There were some really challenging bits and everyone did brilliantly to remember it so quickly.


In maths, we are moving in to the world of statistics. We are going to be concentrating on line graphs next week, so don't forget to have a look at the Home Learning tasks.


Finally, with Bonfire Night having just taken place, it was fantastic to hear all the information retained about Guy Fawkes.


Thank you for a really fun week.


Have a nice weekend.



It has been a fantastic week in Year 5!


This week we have focused on our science, particularly learning about space and our solar system. We have learnt about the heliocentric theory, why we have night and day and how time zones work. It has been really fun.


We have also been spending time perfecting our artistic skills and have produced a colour wheel, incorporating primary, secondary and tertiary colours as well as starting our painting in the style of Matisse. 


Finally, in maths we have spent time learning how to use our rounding skills to estimate in order to check our answers are correct. 


Have a nice half term.



Its been really nice to be back. 


Whilst we have had to do a few assessments, we have also found time to finish learning about Guy Fawkes and had a really fun art lesson. Within the lesson, we learnt to use powder paints and how to fade colours.


Next week, we will be learning our next English text, which is newspaper report about Smok the dragon and spending time learning more about space and how the solar system works.


Have a good weekend!



It's been another great week for Year 5.


In English, we have moved on to the innovation stage of our story. This means that instead of there being a dragon, we have adapted our stories to involve various mythical beasts and animals. There have been some fantastic suggestions and it is coming along really well.


In Maths, we have continued our progression through place value and finished the week with an excellent lesson about powers of 10.


Other highlights have been our music lesson on Bon Jovi and looking into the motives of Guy Fawkes.


Have a good weekend.





Another great week for Year 5.


In English we have focused on the imitation stage of learning our model text. This has entailed us accompanying actions to the words of the story. The myth is about how the Polish city of Krakow was named after a cobbler who defeated a dragon. The whole class love the story and were absolutely brilliant at learning it in detail. Next week, we will be innovating the text, using our own ideas as the catalyst for a new story.


In History, we will be studying Guy Fawkes and the Gun Powder Plot. We had our initial lesson on Friday were we discussed what England was like in 1605 and where the tale fits in a timeline of our previous learning.


Have a good weekend.





We have had a great start in Year 5! It has been brilliant to get the whole class together and there have been lots of laughs.


Not only have we been working on Place Value and Roman Numerals, but we have also found time to recap our rounding skills. In English, we have been working on our descriptive writing skills and improving our 'show, not tell' sentences. 


We have also found time to discuss our half termly art project and delve in to the solar system.


Finally, don't forget your school planners and reading books!


Have a good weekend!

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