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Home Learning

Date set: Friday 17th September

Date due: Friday 24th September










What is my Home Learning task?

How long should it take me?

Where will it fit into my learning at school?




Keep practising counting to 100!


Warm up

Can you represent these two-digit numbers as tens and ones. Can you find anything at home to represent them, such as string and buttons, or playdoh sausages and blobs?


73         92          13          60


Main Learning


Now, try this mix of questions to help you to consolidate your learning this week. You can write your answers straight into your Home Learning Book.













30 minutes

















We’ve been learning about the value of each digit in a two digit number.



Comparing numbers to 100.


Refresh your memory. What do > < and = mean? Can you create your own number sentence using any of them?


5 minutes


We will be comparing using these symbols next week.



The Papaya That Spoke!


All week, the children have been learning ‘The Papaya That Spoke’, our new Talk For Writing story.


Use the text map and model text to practise recalling the story. As a class, you were amazing at this last year!







30 minutes.





We will begin to ‘innovate’/ change the text next week.





History – Rosa Parks

‘Face Facts’ biography

This week we’ve been learning about the life of Rosa Parks.

Click here for an outline drawing of her face, or use your own. Use what you’ve already learned, and the resources below. can you write some key facts that you’ve learned about her in the different parts of the image?

Useful resources:






30 minutes




We have been learning about the life of Rosa Parks this week.


Online Safety – Smartie The Penguin

This PowerPoint is aimed at Year 2 children, and teaches children how to stay safe on the internet.

Please read through the PowerPoint with your child. It has ‘time to chat’ points, for you to discuss the issues it raises.

You may wish to look through it yourself first, so you are aware of the areas covered.







We will be discussing the story and learning about how to stay safe online in class.


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