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Year 6 - Willow

Welcome to Willow 2020!


Willow have had an exciting start to the new year with new routines, new focus launch and a new teacher! It has been a really positive start to the new term with lots to look forward to. Mr Roycroft is on paternity leave celebrating the arrival of Rogan.  During Mr Roycroft’s paternity leave, Mr Selfridge is teaching the class. 

13.2.20 - Deforestation Debates

13.2.20 - Deforestation Debates 1
13.2.20 - Deforestation Debates 2



This week, we have rounded off an intense half term of learning about deforestation by drafting up a written debate. We aimed to include a balanced perspective based on our own thorough research. We will be receiving individual feedback at a consultation on the first week back. Congratulations to Year 6 and the rest of the school on a fantastic end event! Darwin will be so proud of you all when he sees all of the hard work you have put in.


Year 6s- lightly work through your CGP revision books over the holidays- focus on areas that you feel you need more help with... read books every day, practice any times tables that you struggle to remember...but most of all, rest up. Watch TV, meet with friends and family, get outside and exercise! We look forward to seeing you all again next week.



This week, we have been brushing up on algebra, exploring functions, variables and algebra in a range of different representations. It was a little daunting to begin with, but after we got our heads around it, we realised that it’s nothing new- just missing numbers!

On Tuesday, we went on a class trip to the Gurdwara (Sikh Temple) in Beeston. It was a fantastic experience and it was lovely for me to be with the class as they expose themselves to another place of worship. We got to witness prayer and worship in the main hall- including sung worship and a marvellous demonstration of musical accompaniment. We finished our trip off with an opportunity to enjoy Langar together: the community kitchen where people are invited to join for a free meal. Check out some of our photos below!

Our week of storytelling was rounded off with an exciting opportunity to decorate socks today- well done to all those that remembered to bring them in!

Fractions, Decimal and Percentages Museums

Still image for this video

Storytelling Sock Puppets

Deforestation should be banned immediately... do you agree or disagree?

Deforestation should be banned immediately... do you agree or disagree? 1



This week, we have been finding percentages of amounts.


To find 10%, we use our understanding of 'dividing by ten'.

To find 5%, we first find 10% then half it!

To find 2.5%, we first find 10% then half it twice!

To find 20%, we first find 10% then double it! (We can also find 20% by 'dividing by 5')

To find 1%, we divide by 100


With these base skills in place, we can combine them to find complex percentages such as 38.5% of an amount.


In geography, we have been exploring the topic of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. On Friday afternoon, we split into two teams: 'for' and 'against', and held a parliamentary debate on whether a bill should be passed to ban deforestation once and for all.



What a superb beginning to the new decade, Year 6! Talk about starting as you mean to go on! Mr Selfridge and Mr Roycroft have been blown away by your maturity and fantastic behaviour for learning. We have spent the past two weeks tackling fractions, decimals and percentages in maths with great success. Ask your child to recall the decimal equivalent to one eighth- or the percentage equivalent to three fifths- and perhaps you will see some of their learning beginning to embed already. A brand new English topic has begun, with exciting class novels such as Journey to the River Sea and Holes by Louis Sachar. The children were thrilled to discover that the now well-known Darwin Trotter had again been in touch with a challenge for them. This time, the theme centres around climate change and the responsibility of humans to care for our planet. The children are in the midst of preparing for some exciting visitors in the middle of this space for more!

This week, we performed our shadow puppet Nativity performances to Nursery, Reception and Year 1 children. Well done to everybody: the children worked as a group to write their scripts, create their shadow puppets and rehearse their performances, culminating in a lovely performance piece this morning: see the photos of our rehearsals and performances below. 


In Maths, we have solved various puzzles and calculations to crack a code, ensuring that Santa's sleigh can set off next week, delivering presents around the world! 


Rehearsing and performing our radio adverts

Trying Turkish Delight, just as Edmund does in Chapter 4 of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. We came up with many adjectives before turning them into adjectival phrases.

Learning how to use Garageband to create digital music for our advert

In Drama this week, we created advertisements, exploring how to use persuasive language features to entice people to buy a new type of chocolate. we had some 'interesting' flavours!
Our Christmas decorations looked stunning: it was lovely to sing Christmas carols as we hung them on the tree - and Edward, as the oldest child in school, had the honour of turning on the lights alongside the youngest child in Reception class. 

Christmas Decorations


Takeover Day

This entry is being written by Joseph, Alex and Jack!


On Monday,we started our new Maths topic! It was multiplying fractions by fractions.


In English,we finished our Trip to the Moon travel brochures


On Tuesday,we started the Chronicles of Narnia The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe in vipers.


In GPV, we started work on semi colons[these:;].


On Wednesday, we had a music lesson on garage band (that was why we brought headphones to school).


On Thursday, we had a visit from Judith Rhodes and she talked about the kinder transport in world war 2.


On Friday(today), It was Takeover day! we had a range of lessons from differant students!




Another busy week: we very much enjoyed experiencing something quite different at Leeds Town Hall on Wednesday! Never again will the children experience a 1902 film, accompanied by a live band, on a large screen in a venue as grand as Leeds Town Hall! The following video, Journey through the Stars, was both fascinating and hypnotic, as we listened to the instruments alongside the intense videos of the sun, moon and our solar system. 

In the Art Gallery, we explored the pieces on offer, commenting on what we liked, disliked, understood and were confused by. Children selected one piece that stood out to them to sketch, and we spent time in the Artspace, creating our own art - some of it linked to space: can you see the representations of the Earth (and Sun/Moon?)

Linking to our main topic of Light, we looked at how light is used within paintings, to draw the attention of the viewer's eye - this was sometimes as a reflection, a representation of the moon or sun, or a neon-coloured highlight. 

The Ram with Golden Horns (Damien Hirst), provided a great look at how light changes direction when moves from air into water - the ram looked skinny from the side, but wide when viewed from the front!

We also discovered how there were plans for a huge Antony Gormley statue, 'Red Brick Man', to come out of the top of Leeds Station, but unfortunately this never happened.


Have a look at our amazing photos!


Well done Y6 for showing such respect during Remembrance: we visited the Barwick War Memorial and read the names of those local soldiers who gave their lives in WW1 and WW2. 


We studied 'In Flanders Fields' by John McCrae and 'Dulce et Decorum Est' by Wilfred Owen, analysing the use of language within the poems to create vivid imagery, and also the message behind the poetry. 


For Anti-Bullying Week, we focussed our work on Cyberbullying and the use of homophobic language. More work is to be done on this next week, but we recognise how hurtful words can be, and how wrong it is to use the word 'gay' as an insult, or to mean something bad or horrible - connections were made to the times of slavery, when people honestly believed that the colour of someone's skin made them 'better' than another: we know that someone's sexual preference does not make them 'better' than another, but unfortunately some people are still just as ignorant as those horrendous slavers, long ago. 


For Children in Need, we enjoyed Maths challenges in the form of Pudsey board games, and followed Joe Wicks' advice on how to move in PE - ask for a demonstration of the 8 minute workouts!




This week, we have enjoyed finding out about our class trip, which links in with our Science topic of 'Light'. Please make sure the reply slip is sent back no later than Friday 15th - additional letters have been sent home today as I understand some parents did not receive one at Parents' Evening, by email or by pupil post: see our Trips page for details. 


We have been exploring our mini-topic of Dia de los Muertos this week, focussing on how to write exciting setting descriptions as well as design Christmas cards inspired by Frida Kahlo's designs. 


Look at our PE session - we challenged each other to win the competition using playing cards to determine how many reps we needed to do: burpees, squats, push-ups... as you can see from the photos, we moved FAST!
Mrs Nicholson has been teaching some exciting-looking RE lessons this week, with the topic 'What Would Jesus Do?' The children have been looking at different parables.
Picture 1
Picture 2
GPV lessons focussed on prepositional phrases - we took part in a Quiz, Quiz, Trade activity to challenge each other on using different prepositions correctly.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


This term, our scientific focus has been 'The Circulatory System', so we have been learning all about how the heart pumps blood around the body, visiting the lungs to collect oxygen, which the blood then carries to where it's needed. 

We have been researching how what a person eats, how they move, how they live their lives and whether they take any drugs/alcohol affects heart health - and we have tried to convey this learning by becoming documentary filmmakers! 


Investigations have taken the form of measuring heart rate (BPM = beats per minute) at various points, in order to see if different activities affect the rate of recovery. 


We are still in the editing stages of our documentaries, but we have interviewed Sally from the kitchen to talk to us about a balanced meal, and also spoke to our Sports Coaches (and Mr Evans) about the importance of regular exercise. 


We have been such busy bees this week, creating our 'masterpieces'! We don't have photos to show you though, as we don't want to spoil your surprise at the Art Gallery! Don't forget to put the date in your diary: Wednesday 23rd October. You will be so proud of the artwork created.


In Maths, we have been checking our division skills, using the bus stop method learnt previously. In Y6, we need to be able to divide 4-digit dividends by 2-digit divisors using the formal method of long division. This is a very tricky concept, so here is a video to help you practise the method with your children!


Please can I remind parents that pupils should be confident with all of their times tables by the end of Y4? Why not try a quick-fire challenge? See the link for Hit The Button below, and don't forget TT Rockstars!


Maths can be a cause of concern for many pupils, especially as we get closer to the end of KS2 tests (SATs). The more confident a child is with their times tables, the less likely they are to suffer from anxiety - the link below has some tips for understanding and preventing maths anxiety. 



w/c 30.9.19

This week, we have been exploring our creative sides, and can't wait to see what our mixed-media collage work looks like when framed up, and exhibited in the art gallery on 24th October! We looked at street artists such as Banksy, and discussed how many artists have been inspired with similar styles. Hopefully you will love our work!


Picture 1
Picture 2

In PHSE, our topic is 'Keeping Safe: Out and About', and we discussed how as we are getting older, we may be given more responsibility and independence. We might be allowed to walk unaccompanied to a friend's house, or visit the local shop alone. 

This independence, whilst exciting, can be scary - for both children and parents! We talked about our fears, and whether they are real, possible or imagined. 


One fear that kept being mentioned was the fear of bumping into older children - and these older children making the pupils feel uncomfortable by the way they stand together, their body language, facial expressions, or even comments they make. 'Being chased' is a common fear. They learnt that even though 14-year-olds seem scary, they are also children and quite often their unfriendly manner is just their defensive way of trying to 'look cool'.


We talked about how safely crossing to the other side of the road, or taking a different route to avoid a situation could be a good idea. Failing that, find a trusted adult, or heading straight to the nearest shop. The children learnt that it is ok to explain to an adult, such as a shopkeeper, that they feel unsafe, and to wait there until they feel happier.


Drama was used to create different scenarios - what should we not do, and what could we do?

We will be exploring this topic further - children will learn that 99% of the time, teenagers are causing no harm - after all, they are children too: it is often our own imagined fear of what 'could' happen that makes us scared. 

w/c 23.9.19

This week, pupils have been tackling negative numbers and have worked through many different challenges. 


Have a go! 

Darren chooses a number between 130,000 and 140,000. He adds between 785,933 and then subtracts 345,785. His answer is five hundred and seventy-one thousand, four hundred and thirty-three. 


He says his starting number is 132,285. 


Is he correct? Explain your answer!


Our biographies on Martin Luther King are now finished, and we have written some fantastic setting descriptions, describing the sights, sounds and smells as if we were standing in the bustling crowd in Washington DC, eagerly waiting for Dr King to deliver his momentous speech. 


We were also rewarded for our excellent attendance last week with Doodle Time! We had lots of fun. Next week, we are rewarded with cartoons! Keep up the excellent attendance, Willow class!

We have been working so hard with rounding numbers this week in Maths! We have challenged each other with purposeful errors, to try to catch each other out, and we have also made our own 'Guess the Number' challenges, using clues. 



In Reading, we looked at the lyrics of Sam Cooke's 'A Change Gon' Come', and explored the lyrics, making links to our learning about Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement. 

Sam Cooke - A Change Is Gonna Come (Official Lyric Video)

We have also been introduced to ReadTheory - this is a fantastic website for practising reading comprehension skills. It is completely free to use, which is why 3rd party adverts may pop up - they have all been filtered to be suitable for children: let me know should you see any that are not (with screenshots if possible!)


Encourage your child to access this site often, as they can build up knowledge points, and the software adjusts the difficulty level automatically, so your child is being targeted at an appropriate level. Pay attention to any incorrect answers, as a full explanation is given as to where the information could be found: in my opinion, this is the most valuable part of the software!

Roald Dahl Day!

What a fantasmical Roald Dahl Day we have had! 

We have caught dreams in jars, like the BFG, and created characters using tips from Roald Dahl himself! 

Just Enough Group - Modern Slavery Workshop

We have had an inspiring and educational workshop, delivered by Just Enough Group, learning about the horrors of modern slavery. 

We were shocked to find out about Svetlana, a poor girl who was trafficked away from her family and sold into slavery. 

Did you know that over £150 BILLION is made from slavery in any year? This is more than Apple!

Did you know that there are 40-45 million slaves in the world at this very moment? 

Ask your child about what they have learnt - it is all of our responsibilities to change!





We have received the following info from Garforth Academy, which may be of interest! They sound like great opportunities, should you be able to attend. (I also believe Boston Spa are starting an adult choir, and an email should be circulated about that soon - clearly, secondary schools are realising the value of creative expression, and the importance of an arts education in creating all-round individuals who are able to articulate themselves clearly in a modern world of communication! Barwick have known this for many years now - we are clearly ahead of the times!! laugh​​​​​​​)


Arts Live is a programme of community music activities which take place weekly during term-time on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and evenings at Garforth Academy, Lidgett Lane, Garforth, LS25 1LJ.


There are no auditions - just contact us to arrange to come for a free taster session!


Opportunities include:


  • Guitar ensemble lesssons for all ages and abilities, including an intergenerational group aimed at beginners and those with some experience who might need a refresher. Learn to play electric or acoustic guitar or bass guitar together with your family members in a friendly environment led by professional guitarist and tutor Simon Franklin. We can provide instruments.


  • Rock and Pop bands - for ages 9-17, with a range of groups to suit musicians of all abilities, including near-total beginners. Learn classic and contemporary rock and pop tracks, create your own original compositions and work towards gigs and recordings. We organise exciting performance opportunities. All equipment and instruments can be provided.


  • Steel Pan Bands - learn to play the national instrument of Trinidad and Tobago on our high-quality examples of these beautiful sound-makers. All abilities welcome including complete beginners! Youth (9-17 yrs) and adult groups available, with regular performance opportunities.


  •  Adult Choir - led by Liz Welburn, the Garforth Community Choir is a place to sing for pleasure, meet new people and develop your vocal skills. Regular performances are part of the choir's calendar. Repertoire includes classic and contemporary pop, soul, gospel, folk, ballads, world music and a range of other well-known songs. All abilities welcome.


We have had a great first week in Y6!


In Maths, we have been exploring Place Value, showing Mrs Evans all that we understand - check out our photos of human number lines (we are great at ordering and comparing large numbers), and our Maths Museum, showing our fantastic knowledge of partitioning. 


It's really important to understand e-safety, so we created a multiple choice quiz, using what we already know. We learnt how to create a table in Microsoft Word.


PE with Mr Peate was fun! Tchoukball is a great game - We look forward to learning more skills. 

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