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Spring 1-Polar Explorers

Friday 9th February 2017


On Tuesday 6th February it was safer internet day. We celebrated this by learning how to stay safe when playing games on tablets and other electronic devises. 
The children started by sharing what electronic devises they have at home. They spent time talking about games they play and what Apps they use. Miss Leeman read the children a story about Smartie the penguin who had received a new tablet for his birthday. He was so desperate to play on his new games when suddenly a strange picture flashed up on the screen. The children had to decide what Smartie should do next- should he click on the picture, or should he tell his mum and dad? The children learnt that the safest option was to tell his parents, so that they could sort it out. 
Miss Leeman taught the children a rhyme; 
Before you tap and click, 
You need to stop and think... 
And tell a grown up!

In the afternoon, the children enjoyed exploring a range of Technology- iPads, computers, torches, walkie talkies and the BeeBot. Miss Leeman also read the story of Chicken Clicking- a chick who breaks in to the farmers house and uses the farmers laptop to buy things online for the other animals! At the end of the story, the chick meets a friend online, another chicken. He decides to go and meet the chick, but it turns out to be a fox who wants to eat him up!

Tuesday 6th Feb- Circus Skills

Week 6


This week we will be learning about e-safety and the importance of staying safe online. On Tuesday 6th February we will sped the day exploring technology. Some activities will include:

- Can you write your name on the computer?

- Playing Phonics games on the iPads 

- Can you direct the BeeBot around the maze?

- Can you find these letters on a keyboard?

- Can you type the numbers on a calculator?


We will also be reading CHICKEN CLICKING by Jeanne Willis


Spring Term- Week 5


Maths- This week we have enjoyed exploring balancing scales to explore the weight of an objects. In addition, we have enjoyed playing with water to explore capacity. 

We have also learnt all about the number...
In Literacy we have enjoyed building CVC words
We have also recorded short videos for Darwin Trotter to tell him about the Arctic and Antarctic: 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Spring Term- Week 4

This week we have started to think about the Arctic, along with animals that live there. The children have enjoyed creating Polar Bears crafts as one of their challenges this week. 

In the Creative Area, the children have explored painting using different media. This week the children have enjoyed creating pictures on foil using cotton wool buds to explore mark making. 
Mrs Slater and Mrs Warrington have been busy creating fabulous displays to display our work in the classroom and around School. 
In Maths we have been thinking about the size of objects. Some children chose to order the pictures in size during child-initiated play: 
The children also took part in an ice experiment with Mrs Slater. The children had to find ways to free the trapped penguins! 

Spring Term- Week 3


Another busy week in Reception! 

This week we have enjoyed learning about the Antarctica. The children are learning to identify the Antarctica on a world map and have learnt some facts;

"It's covered in snow and ice"- JQ

"It's the coldest place" -LM

"Penguins live there" -LT

"The daddy penguin looks after the egg"- MT

"The mummy penguin is sick in the baby penguins mouth" JB 


We have enjoyed exploring our new Role Play Area this week!


After learning about the different animals that live in the Antarctic, the children used IPads to create their own art work 
We've also enjoyed some messy snow and ice play too this week. First, the children explored the textured of the shaving foam. They then decided to make snowy potions and milkshakes! 
We then explored coloured ice. Some of us chose to paint with the ice, and some chose to add the coloured ice to their potions, watching how the ice made their potion change colour! 

Spring Term- Week 2- 08.01.2018


This week we have started our new Topic. We were lucky enough to receive a message from Darwin Trotter who has requested help from the children at Barwick School! To help, Oak Class have decided to find out all about cold climates around the world; The Arctic and Antarctica. 


To begin, we discussed what happens in Barwick during Winter. The children had excellent knowledge and were able to share their knowledge and understanding with each other. We then went on a Winter walk around the School grounds to explore the frost and ice. Following this, we discussed the changes we have seen between Autumn and Winter. The discussion soon turned to the excitement of possible snow! Our new RE display, SNOWFLAKES, represents the children's interest in snow and ice. They have been busy creating their own snowflakes using scissors, paper and glitter. We soon found that each of our snowflakes were different, just like us! 


Look at all the fun we have had in Reception this week:

10.01.2018- Repeating Patterns


This week in Maths we have been learning to create a repeating pattern using two colours. 

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. This half term we will be learning about;

- Winter and the weather 

-Freezing and melting

-What animals live in the Arctic?

- What animals live the in Antarctic? 


Week 1-

The children have quickly settled back into rules and routines after the holidays. Everyone has enjoyed sharing news about Christmas, as well as participating in Show and Tell. Videos will be uploaded onto Tapestry this week. 

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