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Summer 2


  • Learn all lines and songs for We Will Rock You, including the cues to come in. If you have no lines, you should be designing the scenery, making a props list, listing all the lighting, sound or special effects, or designing posters.
  • Robot Designs / Ideas - we are waiting on the components to arrive, and then we will hosting Willow Robot Wars! (Children have said they would like to purchase their robots, at the cost of the component parts. A letter will follow).
  • Times Table Rock Stars - don't let your multiplication fluency decrease!
  • Spelling Practice

At present, homework consists of revision. 

If your child is not doing any revision, and you would like them to, please contact me for revision materials or look on the 'SATs Info' star to find lots on there. 


Remember - 30 minutes on a subject is enough. More than that and your child will start to get bored and switch off. Best to keep revision in short, regular bursts. 


We are revising lots in school, and each child knows what areas of study they are less confident in. Again, if your child doesn't communicate this to you, please feel free to ask for more specific guidance from me. 




29.3.17 Easter

22.3.17 Revision, TT Rockstars and Vikings

22nd Feb - 26th Feb


Use this link to access the article on the Natural History Museum's website - it seems to have moved from the main page. You can also use the search tool. 

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