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Autumn 1- Super Me!

Week 6 and 7- Superheroes


This week we have started to think about Superheroes at home. The children have helped to create a Family Tree and have each described a Superhero in their family. We have also explored Superheroes in the Community and created a long list of people who help us in our Community. 


In Literacy we have learnt to sort objects according to their initial sounds. We are beginning to match the sound (phoneme) to the written letter (grapheme)

We have also been learning about positional language to describe the position of an object. We have been on a treasure Hunt in the Outside Area to hunt for a hidden toy. 

"The dog in under the table"

"The dog in next to the tyre" 

"The toy is on top of the Play Area"

"The toy is in between the brick and the ball." 


We have also been exploring 2D shapes. This week we have made pictures using a variety of shapes.

Week 5- Super exercise

We have introduced an exercise alarm! When the alarm sounds, get ready to exercise :) 

Week 4- Super Me

We have had such a busy week creating superhero masks and capes. Look on your child's Tapestry learning journal for photos and comments. 


We have also been busy learning how to rhyme. Here we are playing a game of rhyming jumps; "cat, hat, mat, bat"


Can you think of any more rhyming words? 

We have made our own super-capes and super-masks! 

We were lucky to have Bob come and visit us and to help create our superhero capes! 

Week 3- Numbers

We have been learning all about numbers this week. We started with a number hunt in our outdoor area. 

What numbers can you find?

We have created a birthday display in our classroom. We then had a go at ordering the numbered birthday cards. 

Can you place the number cards in order? 

What number do you need to start with? 

We have also visited the School Hall for our first 'Squiggle and Wiggle' session.


What marks can you make?

Week 2- Starting School

We have had great fun exploring our new School :) 

We have been on a sound walk to listen to the sounds we can hear around School 

Week 1- Transition

We had great fun at the Stay and Play session with our family members. 

Thank-you for coming, i hope you are looking forward to starting School next week :) 

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