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Year 4 - Hawthorn

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*Scroll down for weekly updates*


How exciting to be back in Year 4- the year group I taught in my first year at Barwick!


Please visit this page as the year progresses for updates, and to find out a little more about what we have been learning about in class.


Communication, both to celebrate the good things and tackle any problems or concerns, plays a principal role in ensuring the very best education for your child. Parents/guardians, please do not hesitate to contact me on the school number, or via email:


Alternatively, feel free to arrange a meeting- or simply pop in for a brief chat.


Many thanks,

Mr Roycroft



This half term's theme is 'Look around; be curious!'. It launched with a bang, fizz and a pop as the teachers took to the stage in pairs to demonstrate an exciting scientific experiment. Our minds were boggled with elephant toothpaste, magic cabbage and colour-changing skittles!


This week, we kicked off our fun geography topic by exploring the globe using Google Maps. We learned about the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, as well as exploring various countries along the Equator. We looked into the angles that the sun's rays hit the surface of the Earth, and how this can cause certain countries to have hotter climates than others. We each picked a country to delve into and used iPads to research and record information such as population and average rainfall. Be sure to ask us which country we chose!

Picture 1



This week, we have been exploring efficient methods for addition and subtraction. We have also learned to use our skills in rounding to the nearest 10 and 100 to estimate answers to a calculation.


Did you know, to solve the calculation '6000 - 2576', you can simply subtract one from each side in order to complete it using the column method without any time-consuming exchanging! Try it yourself and see. We tried it both ways and it took us so much longer to solve it with all the exchanging. We are learning these handy tricks to help us become the best mathemagicians we possibly can!


We have also very excitedly been completing our Harry Potter themed artwork for the grand gallery on 23rd October! Be sure to come along and see our incredible street art which we have toiled over this week! It will truly be a spectacle to behold and will make for the perfect Christmas/ birthday gifts- don't miss out! Check out the sneak preview below.

10.10.19 My Masterpiece

Still image for this video



In English over the past 2 weeks we have been studying the poem 'The Highwayman'. The children have loved this tragic tale and have done some fantastic drama and brilliant diary entries relating to the story. 


In Maths we have continued work on place value and have a secure understanding of numbers with 4 digits. 


In Science we have been classifying animals and leaves using a classification key. Today we completed an investigation to find out the most common invertebrates in our school ground. The children presented their information using tally charts and graphs. 


Keep up the hard work next week Year 4!





This week, we have jumped feet first into our topic 'Crime and Punishment Through the Ages'. Our journey began in the Roman era, where we discovered that the justice system is similar to ours today- in fact, we learned about many Roman influences on modern day Britain- more on this later in the year! We learned that punishments were very severe- particularly if you were a slave, where the punishment was likely to be death no matter the seriousness of the crime. If you were lucky, you may have been forced to become a gladiator and fight to the death! We jumped forward to the Anglo-Saxons, who took over from the Romans when they were forced to return to defend Rome. Their justice system was also similar to ours, though the punishments were far worse. We were particularly entertained by the 'Trials by Ordeal'- ask us about them if you'd like to know more!


Check out some photographs below of our group activity 'Wergild for body parts', where we calculated how many shillings we would have to repay if we had committed various crimes on another person!

Wergild for body parts



Thank you to all of the children who made the effort to dress up for Roald Dahl day. We were blown away by your efforts! 


We have had an amazing day creating happy thoughts poems in English as well as completing Roald Dahl challenges in maths. What a wonderful end to a week of hard work completing assessments. 


FYI parents:


We have received the following info from Garforth Academy, which may be of interest! They sound like great opportunities, should you be able to attend. 


Arts Live is a programme of community music activities which take place weekly during term-time on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and evenings at Garforth Academy, Lidgett Lane, Garforth, LS25 1LJ.


There are no auditions - just contact us to arrange to come for a free taster session!


Opportunities include:


  • Guitar ensemble lesssons for all ages and abilities, including an intergenerational group aimed at beginners and those with some experience who might need a refresher. Learn to play electric or acoustic guitar or bass guitar together with your family members in a friendly environment led by professional guitarist and tutor Simon Franklin. We can provide instruments.


  • Rock and Pop bands - for ages 9-17, with a range of groups to suit musicians of all abilities, including near-total beginners. Learn classic and contemporary rock and pop tracks, create your own original compositions and work towards gigs and recordings. We organise exciting performance opportunities. All equipment and instruments can be provided.


  • Steel Pan Bands - learn to play the national instrument of Trinidad and Tobago on our high-quality examples of these beautiful sound-makers. All abilities welcome including complete beginners! Youth (9-17 yrs) and adult groups available, with regular performance opportunities.


  •  Adult Choir - led by Liz Welburn, the Garforth Community Choir is a place to sing for pleasure, meet new people and develop your vocal skills. Regular performances are part of the choir's calendar. Repertoire includes classic and contemporary pop, soul, gospel, folk, ballads, world music and a range of other well-known songs. All abilities welcome.

Roald Dahl Day

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