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These are the spelling rules we are investigating. This is just a small sample of the words we will be learning to spell.



Rule - ible and -able endings:

horrible  miserable

terrible  probable

responsible  adorable


Rule - tion and -sion endings:

education  decision

creation  confusion

qualification  extension


Rule - Soft c (ci, ce, cy)

cinema, city, circuit

centre, ceiling, cemetery

cycle, cyclone, cylinder




Rule - To identify word roots, derivations and spelling patterns

act, actor, actress, activity, action, reaction

child, children, childish, childhood, childlike

electric, electrical, electricity, electronic, electrocute, electrician


We will investigate the following root words:

assist, bore, claim, examine, govern, light, medic, operate, pack, joy, pain


Rule - To explore spelling patterns of consonants and formulate rules

hope - hopeful - hopefully

thank - thankful - thankfully

boast - boastful - boastfully

play - playful - playfully

care - careful - carefully


beauty - beautiful - beautifully


Plus many more!


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