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Homework, Summer 1



Homework , Spring 2 Update


With the potential of doubling their playtime Year 5 have been much more successful with their homework however 4 children still did not bring their homework in last week! Remember homework is logged each week when collected in on a Friday and must have more than spellings completed. It is about extending your child's learning past the school gates and opening up the use of their skills in everyday life. Both myself and Mrs Gall look forward to this coming Friday and hopefully a full class set!



Homework, Spring 2

As we ended the last half term homework had improved with 20 children out of 29 bringing in their homework. Although this has increased Miss Taylor would like to see all children bringing homework in complete each week.

Mrs Gall and Miss Taylor will mark the homework every Friday and books will be sent home each Monday for new work to be completed. Homework is logged each week and letters will be sent home if homework has not been seen over a 2 week period.


Please encourage your child to complete as much homework as possible on the homework pyramid challenging themselves to complete 'Should' and 'Could' tasks as well as 'Must'.


The homework for Spring 2 has been attached below:




Homework expectations and reminders (26/01/2018)mail

This week there was a slight improvement on Homework with 17 children bringing in their work.

The staff are keen to see that children in Year 5 are completing their MUST tasks but are also extending themselves to SHOULD and COULD challenges! We have discussed the importance of our work and how it will help the children prepare for Year 6!

Please ensure homework is ready and brought in every Friday.


Miss Taylor has also shown the class how My Maths is recorded so all children are aware of how she can access their work completed. This will also be checked on a weekly basis.



Year 5 Homework (12/01/2018)

This Friday 13 children completed their first homework and My Maths of the half term. Our class our aiming to achieve 100% completion of all homework tasks and all homework books need to be returned each Friday morning.


Let's aim to achieve our goal next week.


Miss Taylor will also be running a My Maths session on a Tuesday dinnertime for children to join for homework support.



Year 5 Homework


Our class homework was given to children today (05/01/2018). Miss Taylor has explained to the children she would like homework books brought in every Friday so progress with the tasks can be marked and recorded.


Spellings and times tables will be tested weekly with each individual aware of which specific words and calculations they are working on each week. 

Their My Maths work will be reviewed each week with opportunities for children who struggle to access the program at home to do so at specific school lunch sessions.

Please find homework attached below.
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