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Friday 18th December




Have a wonderful Christmas and stay safe.

See you in 2021!


From all of Year 3


Friday 11th December


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Year 3!


In Spanish, we learned the song, 'Feliz Navidad' - I will put a link at the bottom of this update in case anyone would like to practice more at home. We also enjoyed our 'Festive Friday' with everyone wearing their Christmas jumpers, t-shirts, dresses or sportswear!


In Maths, we have answered multiplication and division questions based on the 3x table and learned a special trick that helps us to identify whether big numbers are multiples of 3. 


In English, we secured our knowledge of the model text, Amisi and the Fig and drew some fabulous individual text maps.


In Science, we investigated ways in which we could move a paperclip without touching it. We found that we could use gravity and magnetic force. Further investigations into magnetism revealed that only some metal objects are attracted to magnets. 


See you all next week for more festive fun (and lots of learning)!

smiley Mrs Jameson smiley

Feliz Navidad- Jose Feliciano lyrics [HQ]

The song Feliz Navidad from Juan (Jose) Feliciano.

Friday 4th December


In Maths, we have been working with equal groups as an introduction to a block of work on multiplication and division. We are also becoming increasingly fluent with our four times table facts - thank you for all the extra support with this at home. 


In English, we have worked with the story, Amisi and the fig. We explored the story through drama and wrote postcards in the role of different animal characters. 


The highlight of our week was our Christmas crafts day on Thursday... we can't say too much about this now, because we don't want to spoil any surprises! But we saw so many of our children at their best as they created cards and gifts to share with loved ones at Christmas. We especially enjoyed making our Christingles during the live-streamed 'Messy Church' event and it was lovely to hear the children talk the next day about lighting their candles at home as they watched the service online. 


Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

smiley Mrs Jameson smiley

Friday 27th November


This week saw Year 3 talking a lot about Egypt! We have been learning about Moses in RE and how Pesach is celebrated by Jewish famililes today. We have also written three-sentence stories set in Egypt as a 'cold task' in preparation for our new Talk for Writing text. I was very impressed by the children's knowledge of Egyptian animals and delighted to discover the existence of the Egyptian sand cat! 


In Maths, we used near numbers to estimate answers to additions and subtractions involving three digits and we investigated inverse operations using Duplo bricks, bar models and fact families. 


Some children from our class helped Mrs Sanderson open a very special delivery on Thursday - check out the 'Latest News' section of the website to see some great photographs. 


Hope everyone is enjoying their extra day this weekend. Stay safe!

smiley Mrs Jameson smiley

Friday 20th November


This week, we have been writing independent instruction texts. Mrs Jameson has a very busy weekend ahead, using the children's work to help her make all manner of exciting things including banana splits, a treehouse and a bicycle! 


In Maths, we have consolidated work on addition with three digits and used column addition to help us calculate the answers to word problems. We have also begun to learn the four times table, with the help of a new song from Todd and Ziggy.


In Drama, we worked with the Alive and Kicking 'Windrush' resource, which prompted us to think about how people were treated when they moved to Britain from the West Indies. We reflected on our commitment to equality and treating everyone fairly. This also linked into Anti-Bullying Week and the choices we make in our daily interactions. 


Have a happy and safe weekend, everyone.

smiley Mrs Jameson smiley


Friday 13th November


This week, we have worked exceptionally hard to master subtracting two-digit numbers from three-digit numbers, using Base 10, place value charts and formal written methods (column subtraction). I have been so impressed with the children's determination and was delighted to hear some of them identify Maths as being one of the highlights of their week. Everyone deserves to feel very proud of their resiliance and progress. 


In Talk for Writing, the children have completed their innovated instruction texts. Many of the children edited and improved their work, checking that they had used all the key features of an instruction text and then adding additional features inspired by the model text, such as alliteration and rhyme. I can't wait for next week as we begin to work on independent instruction texts!


The children are really enjoying our new block of work in Music. We have been clapping rhythms and learning to play the glockenspiels! 


Thank you to everyone who sent in donations for Children in Need. We had a 'Pudsey picnic' this afternoon and the children who were still from lunch opted to bring their cupcake/cookie home to enjoy later. 


We celebrated the end of a great week by recreating Miss Wood's Skittle experiment from the launch of 'Let's be curious!' last week.


Have a wonderful weekend filled with alliterative adjectives!

smiley Mrs Jameson smiley



Friday 6th November


Year 3 have had a great week back after half-term. We have seen such enthusiasm for learning and genuine kindness shown to children and adults within the class. 


In Maths, we have been adding three-digit numbers and two-digit numbers, sometimes needing to exchange ten ones for one ten, or ten tens for one hundred. We have worked with place value charts and digits to begin exploring formal written methods (column addition).


We took part in the launch event for "Let's be curious!" by making a video of our class Science experiment. We used water, tonic water, some highlighter pens and a blacklight torch. The results were amazing! The children used their knowledge from our last Science topic to recognise that we needed to use transparent bottles for this experiment, or we wouldn't be able to see what was in the bottles. 


In English, we have used our knowledge of the Talk for Writing text, "How to make a running potion" to identify imperative (or 'bossy' verbs). We have used imperative verbs to write instructions for our Science experiment - "How to make water glow in the dark."


As Remembrance Day approaches, we have reflected on the symbolism of the poppy and what it means to people in our community. We created different shades of red and green and used them to create poppy paintings and a classroom display.


It's been a fantastic week, Year 3 - keep up the good work! 

See you next week,

smiley Mrs Jameson smiley



Friday 23rd October


In Maths this week, we continued working on addition and subtraction with three digit numbers and we focused on learning to recognise when we can use known facts to help us. We are also working on developing confidence in reasoning and problem-solving, including testing out multiple solutions to a problem.


In English, we have been learning a new model text, "How to make a running potion." We have also been reading about Usain Bolt in VIPERS and we watched a video of him running the fastest 150m in history in 2009. Many of the children were really inspired by this and spent several break times running laps outside.


We have enjoyed exploring the work of shadow puppeteer, Richard Bradshaw, within our Science focus on light and shadow. I will include a link to one of our favourite video clips below this update.


In Art, we have experimented with creating a colour palette to match a photograph of an autumn woodland scene and we have talked about the colour choices made by David Hockney in his paintings of Yorkshire.


Congratulations to everyone in Year 3 for a great start to the year. 

I hope you all have a fabulous half-term, filled with fun, family, fresh air and friendship. 

See you soon!


smiley Mrs Jameson smiley

Shadow Puppet Theatre by Richard Bradshaw (Australia) - some of the scenes

Friday 16th October


We have written some fabulous three-sentence stories this week, which some of the children may be keen to retell at home, using their Talk for Writing actions. Perhaps you will hear about the shy spider, the old man who saw a wolf, or the girl who played football. I am looking forward to reading more of the children's stories when they bring in their home learning next week. 


In Maths, we are continuing to work on addition and subtraction with three-digits. This week, we have added and subtracted multiples of ten from three-digit numbers. Being able to count on and back in tens from a given number is a great help as we develop our strategies.


In History, we reflected on all our knowledge of Sir Titus Salt and the impact he had on people's lives. We asked ourselves whether he was a hero or a villain. 


We have explored shadows in Science, and through the texts and pictures we've used in VIPERS this week. We had fun using the projector as a light source to create different shadows on the whiteboard, and explored the different shadows created by transparent and opaque objects.


Wishing everyone a very happy weekend,

smiley Mrs Jameson smiley

Friday 9th October


This week, we have been writing in different roles. We wrote postcards from the traveller in Nail Soup and wrote diary entries as children who had moved to Saltaire in 1871.


In Maths, we used different strategies to subtract single digit numbers from three digit numbers. We used the strategies we had learned to solve the problems faced by Mick the maintenance man as he repaired fences and planted trees at the conservation park.


In RE, we wondered whether all people should take care of the natural world, regardless of their religious faith, and we continued our journey along the timeline of the Bible by reading the story of the The Fall. 


We have also revised primary colours and mastered the delicate art of mixing powder paint to just the right consistency!


Enjoy the weekend, everyone, and I will see you all on Monday.

smiley Mrs Jameson smiley

Friday 2nd October


This week, we have moved from Place Value onto Addition and Subtraction and we have been adding single-digits to three-digit numbers. Many of the children have realised that their fluency with simple addition bonds is really useful when they work with bigger numbers. We have also been learning the three times tables with the help of our new favourite song!


In English, we finished the innovation stage of our Talk for Writing unit and have planned indendent writes inspired by Nail Soup. We took our learning outside to practise spellings in the the outdoor area and continued to enjoy our class novel, Ottoline and the Yellow Cat.


In History this week, we boarded the Drama Express and 'visited' Victorian Bradford and Saltaire. Everyone was very excited to discover that their new homes in Saltaire had a separate toilet for each family! 


In Science, we investigated the pupil's ideas for using reflective surfaces to see around corners. We found that the best surface to use was a mirror and we improved on this by using two mirrors to make a periscope. 


We ended the week by applauding all the children who had earned privilege cards and celebrating some fabulous work in the Home Learning books. 


Have a great weekend!

smiley Mrs Jameson smiley

Friday 25th September


This week in Maths, we compared and ordered three-digit numbers. We used a variety of resouces, including Base 10, place value charts and number lines. We used the symbols =, < and > to record our work. 


In English, we continued the innovation phase of our Talk for Writing work on Nail Soup. There have been some fabulous innovations in the children's stories about builders, dancers, doctors and police officers. We used inverted commas to mark the speech of the main characters and their 'helpers'.  


We thoroughly enjoyed watching a video tour of Saltaire and looking at photographs taken by our very own roving reporter! We learned about the public buildings that Sir Titus built (and banned!) in his village. 


The children have had some incredible questions in RE, based on our study of the Christian story of creation and how it influences the way Christians live their lives. You might like to consider some of these questions at home:

Did God invent Himself?

Who are God's mum and dad?

How long did God need to rest after he created the world? 


See you next week for another Marvellous Monday! 

smiley Mrs Jameson smiley



Friday 18th September


This week in Maths, we began to work with three-digit numbers up to 1000. We used Base 10 materials and other resources to represent numbers with hundreds, tens and ones. Then we thought about using number lines. We quickly realised that using ten 0-100 number lines was going to be unmanageable, so we made human number lines in the outdoor area, placing multiples of 100 and 10 between 0-1000. Next week, we will look at placing three digit numbers on number lines with and without marked intervals. 


We are continuing to enjoy our Talk for Writing work on the story Nail Soup. This week, we have been choosing alternative characters, special objects and settings and beginning to write our first variations of the story. The children have responded particularly well to our new strategy of 'having a go' at spellings as they write and underlining the part of the word they are unsure of. 


In Science, we have learned more about light: we know that light travels in straight lines and have wondered whether we can manipulate light so that we can see around a corner. Several children had ideas for using reflective surfaces and we will try these out next week. 


Children, please tell your adults how proud of you I was this morning when you all worked so hard to help me improve my running. I felt very encouraged and you gave me lots of great tips. I'm looking forward to running together again next week!


Have a great weekend! 

smileyMrs Jamesonsmiley

Human number lines

Friday 11th September 2020


We have had a fantastic week back! Every day has been packed with learning and fun. I have lost count of the times children have told me how happy they are to be back. It has been a great week for adults and children alike.


In Maths, we recapped work on tens and ones and then moved on to counting in hundreds. 


In English, we began using Talk for Writing to learn the story Nail Soup. You will be amazed by your child's ability to retell the story opening! 


We have started learning about the philanthropist Sir Titus Salt in History and we have thought about our wonderful world in RE.


Our Science work this half-term will focus on light and shadows and we began this week by considering different light sources and why we need light. 


Have a great weekend, everyone and I will see you bright and early again next Monday!


smileyMrs Jameson smiley

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