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Year 2 - Rowan

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*Scroll down for weekly updates*


I feel very lucky to have such a fantastic class! Already in their first week they have impressed me so much! Let's make Year 2 the BEST year group ever and have a superb year loving to learn and progress.


Please visit this page as the year progresses for updates, and to find out a little more about what we have been learning about in class.


Communication, both to celebrate the good things and tackle any problems or concerns, plays a principal role in ensuring the very best education for your child. Parents/guardians, please do not hesitate to contact me on the school number, or via email:


Alternatively, feel free to arrange a meeting- or simply catch me for a quick chat in the morning or after school.


Many thanks,

Miss Taylor 

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Welcome Back!

A huge ‘Happy New Year’ to all Year 2 children and their families.


I am so happy to be back and have an action packed half term full of winter delights and tasty treats for Year 2! OOooo are you ready?


This half term is all about the journey and I wonder where Year 2 will end up? - Get wrapped up for a snowy adventure but also make sure you pack your sun glasses and shorts as there is more than ride to take.



Weekly updates


Wk Commencing 07/01/2019


This week, is not only action packed but Maths packed too. We have had a Maths art day, Maths Quiz and lots of fun outside having hands on fun with numbers!


In English, we have been exploring Acrostic Poems describing things we might find in the Winter – and from this we found a country called the Arctic which has the harshest winters in the world. We want to find out more about it so will be exploring it further next week.


We’ve started are journey around the globe learning the continents that make up our world and how they were formed – and learnt a great song!


What an exciting first week – bring on the next 5!

Weekly Updates

Week Commencing 26.11.18


I have been really impressed with the children's homework this week; their letters to Father Christmas are polite and well written and I have enjoyed reading the facts about Louis Pasteur.


I have set mymaths homework with plenty of completion time so children can access the homework as and when required. Please let me know if there are any problems with this.


Mrs Durbin 


Weekly Updates

Weeks Commencing 05.11.18 and 12.11.18


Thank you to Year 2 parents and carers for helping your children learn their Nativity lines; I can tell that many of you have already made a start on this and it is much appreciated. The children, as usual, have approached this task with enthusiasm and it is a joy to see how fast they improve and add their own personalities to their characters.


During the last two weeks in Mathematics, we have worked on Statistics; the children collected data about themselves and their classmates and looked at different ways of presenting this information. They have also been exploring the relationship between multiplication and division and impressing me with their times tables knowledge.


In English we have explored Bonfire and Firework poetry written by other authors before using our senses to write our own poems. I am impressed by how readily the children have included onomatopoeia, alliteration and expanded noun phrases. Our work has been very cross curricular as we have also used our empathy and writing skills in History lessons to write a letter to Guy Fawkes. We attempted to persuade him, not to take part in the 'Gunpowder Plot'.


I look forward to more great work next week!


Mrs Durbin





Week Commencing - 15/10/2018


Year 2 are starting to get extremely excited about their superhero day in school next week and all the tricks they will learn to become superheroes themselves. Our uniforms are almost complete and we have been using our computing skills to take photos ready for our flying shots next week! We will soar through the air... is it a bird, is it a plane.. NO it's Year 2!


In Maths this week, we explored repeating patterns and directions using the points of a compass. The children were superb at this and directed each other to different superhero hide outs around a town.


A busy week next week Year 2 getting the final things done ready for our final day! To Sky High my little heroes!


Week commencing -  8th October 2018


There was a burning start to our week when Year 2 heard about Witch Green Eyes, a fabulous character who could make our super hero potions for us. We learnt how a witch gets her mail so we sent her a letter politely asking for her to make a potion for each person in our class. We instantly got a response, although she did send it to the wrong room. It turned out she was off on holiday so asked us to write our own instructions and then she will create them when she returns. Following this, we thought we better learn how to write good instructions so have been exploring the features of the texts to make sure the ones we write are clear.


In Maths, we have been helping out the character THE CALCULATOR to help him re-learn his subtraction skills after Number Cruncher stole his fantastic powers. Children have use a range of resources and key words to solve and explain a range of problems including some secret word problems.


Lots of other exciting things have been happening this week, including our road safety lessons - Remember THINK, STOP, LOOK and LISTEN. Check out our jam packed week below.

Wk Commencing 01/10/2018


This week we have been exploring text maps in English, we learnt an ingredients poem through the use of pictures and actions and we were experts!!! We could act out and recite the whole poem. Then we used post-its to adapt the text maps and create our own potion poem! They were fantastic and Year 2 really got to grips with the structure of the text.


In Maths, THE CALCULATOR (a superhero mathematician) had been the victim of the Number Cruncher who had stolen his powers of addition. Year 2 worked with lots of different resources to solve 1 and 2 digit problems.


I am really looking forward to next week - Super school day is getting close and our uniforms need to be made! get ready Year 2!



Other fun things happening in Year 2

Weekly Updates 

Wk Commencing 24/09/2018


There are no other words to describe Year 2 other than SUPERB! They have been excellent this week!

In English and Reading, the children have explored the text SUPERTATO . They even interviewed to be his sidekick writing questions and answering them in full sentences. They have also been introduced to their second reading skill from our VIPERS which is Inference! They have really embraced this skill looking for clues and answering using higher level sentence starters.


In Maths, we have been measuring length. we have used both standard and non-standard units of measure.


The whole class have settled in brilliantly and now confidently know their routines. I can't wait for next week to challenge them further. Have a lovely weekend Year 2! Thank you for all your hard work.



Wk Commencing 17/09/2018


What a busy busy week! We have started our English this week learning all about nouns and and expanded noun phrases. We can put lists into sentences using commas to separate items and we have written our superhero fact files ready for our super school visit.  We even had a visit from Mrs Marvel the Head Teacher of Sky High the school we will be visiting.


In Maths, we have worked with some new superheroes DECAGON and KAPOW practicing our understanding of number and partitioning into tens and ones! Year 2 are super experts in this now.


Another big thank you to all the hard work being done at home - there were over half the class who completed their spelling and times tables with no mistakes! I am VERY impressed!


Get ready for another challenging week next week Year 2 - we need to achieve our superhero goals to get to Sky High on the 25th October!


Weekly updates


Wk Commencing 10/09/2018


This week, in Maths, there has been a buzz of excitement in Year 2 after we helped a superhero out i by counting forwards and backwards in tens. Shortly after, he left us a surprise somewhere in school…

We followed some tricky clues and found a secret present left for Year 2 and a secret invite for the end of this half term.


Our superhero set us a challenge but shhhh, we can’t tell you what we are doing as we signed an oath of secrecy! All you need to know is Year 2 will be changing and we have lots to get ready!


In English, we have been exploring sentence writing, using commas in lists and understanding what a noun is.


Thank you to all the children and parents for the fabulous response to our Roald Dahl Day. The children looked fabulous and the props that were brought in were amazing. I think Year 2 brought more in than any other class!!

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