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Awesome Autumn Adventure Afternoon!

This week we have been learning about Autumn. We have learnt to explore the changes in Autumn by looking at the leaves on the trees. On Wednesday afternoon we had a busy time exploring the Autumnal resources. Our activities included:

- Leaf printing

- Leaf hunting

- Autumn detectives- can you find these leaves?

- Autumn tray investigation- What can you see/ smell/ hear?

- Conker shoot- how far do the conkers travel?

- Conker number game- how many conkers do you need?


HOMEWORK: Over half term the children have been set the task to find, collect and explore Autumn resources at their local park. I look forward to seeing what you can find! 



Picture 1 Leaf printing in paint
Picture 2 Leaf homework bag
Picture 3 Autumn detectives
Picture 4 Conker shoot
Picture 5 Autumn investigation
Picture 6 Leaf printing
Picture 7 Autumn walk
Picture 8 Investigation tray
Picture 9 Hedgehogs
Picture 10 Leaf rubbings
Picture 11 Conker maths
Picture 12 Investigation tray
Picture 13 Conker shoot
Picture 14 Exploring Autumnal Vegetables
Picture 15 Autumn detectives
Picture 16 Conker shoot
Picture 17 Conker Maths
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