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Bonfire Night!

This week we have been thinking about what happens on Bonfire Night. We have read a short, simple version of the story of Guy Fawkes which the children have enjoyed. We decided to have a firework themed afternoon. The children thought about what they'd like to do and explore. One of the children said they had watched a video on Cbeebies about how to make firework pictures. Miss Leeman found the video so we watched to learn how to make firework pictures. Later in the day we created pictures using paint and lots of glitter. Please come and see our super Bonfire Night Display in our classroom! 


Some of the children were very interested in the story of Guy Fawkes. A group of children asked if they could create a pretend Guy, to put on top of their pretend bonfire. The children suggested we would need straw to create a pretend Guy. Unfortunately Miss Leeman didn't have any straw so she suggested we could use newspaper instead.  

Picture 1 Making a Guy
Picture 2 Firework pictures
Picture 3 Making a Guy
Picture 4 Firework pictures
Picture 5 Firework pictures
Picture 6 Firework pictures
Picture 7 Guy Fawkes
Picture 8 Making a Guy Fawkes
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