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Year 1 - Yew

frownnoWelcome to Year One Class Page! nofrown

*Scroll down for weekly updates* 


I feel very lucky and excited to be teaching Year One. We have had a super first week and I am looking forward to all the wonderful things we will achieve this year! 


Please visit this page as the year progresses for updates, and to find out a little more about what we have been learning in class.


Communication, both to celebrate the good things and tackle any problems or concerns, plays a principal role in ensuring the very best education for your child. Parents/guardians, please do not hesitate to contact me on the school number, or via email:


Alternatively, feel free to arrange a meeting - or simply pop in for a brief chat.


Many thanks,

Miss Richards

Weekly Update


Updated on 14/09/2018

We have had another super week in Year One! frown

Roald Dahl day

We explored the story, The Twits and visited our own Twits' Diner in class! The children enjoyed building their own Diner in the Construction Area and creating Mr Twit's messy beard in the Messy Area! We had a great time. 



We have been busy reading the story 'Beegu' by Alexis Deacon 

Our activities have included;

- Sequencing the events

- Building a space shelter

- Building a rocket to help Beegu get home 

- Designing Beegu's planet 


This week we have been focusing on number skills. The children are enjoyed revisiting the Numicon pieces to 10 and created their own number line. We have also been focusing on numbers up to 100 and have practised counting in 2's, 5's and 10's.



Can you count to 100 in 2's, 5's and 10's? 

Can you teach a family member how to count to 100 in 10's? 


Picture 1
Picture 2


Updated on 21/09/18 


What another super week in Year One! no




We have continued to work on our number skills this week with particular focus on our number formation. We have had great fun learning new songs and practising how our numbers are formed using our magic fingers.


Our activities have included:


Creating a number ‘washing’ line

Creating a number snake

Rolling dice and threading the correct number of beads

Painting our own 2 part model to show different number calculations



We explored the story of Beegu further and developed our understanding of capital letters and full stops in our sentence writing.


Other activities included:


Making a playdoh model of Beegu

Painting a picture of Beegu

In our own words, explaining how Beegu may have felt in certain stages of the story. 




In exciting news, we received a very special letter from NASA detailing our learning missions to become fully certified astronauts! Our first learning mission is to learn all about the life of Neil Armstrong and why he was a hero.


Our activities included:


Designing and labelling Neil Armstrong’s rocket

Building a Lego rocket

Painting Neil Armstrong in space

Applying our understanding of capital letters and full stops to write a fact about Neil Armstrong


Updated on 28/09/18 




In mathematics this week, we have developed our counting skills and practised counting by 2s, 5s and 10s. We linked our counting to pairs of socks and our hands and fingers, which helped out understanding. We have been working hard to develop our number formation and number recognition beyond 20 too!


Our activities have included:

100 grid splat to paint the multiples of 2, 5 and 10

Counting by 2s and 5s hopscotch

Counting pairs of socks by 2

Matching multiples of 5 to the correct Numicon piece



We started a new fiction story of ‘Whatever Next’ by Jill Murphy. We had great fun developing our comprehension skills by re-telling the story through freeze framing.


Other activities included:

Packing Baby Bear’s backpack to the moon.

Painting Baby Bear on the moon or another planet we have been learning about!

Sequencing the beginning, middle and end of the story using sentence cones.

Creating a shopping list for Baby Bear's and Owl's yummy picnic on the moon.

Creating a shape and Numicon rocket for Baby Bear. 

We have also been working on our letter formation this week, focusing on the curly letter 'a'. Look at our fabulous work below! smiley



We have had great fun this week continuing our learning about space! We enjoyed learning a new song all about the solar system and adventuring on a spacewalk to collect all the moon rocks!

Other activities included:

Packing a space backpack

Designing a spacesuit

Building a rocket using 2D and 3D shapes

w/b 01/10/18
Updated 05/10/18


We have been working hard to improve our understanding and writing of numbers greater than 10.

We started our new topic of measures this week with a focus on length and height.


Our activities included:

Measuring our learning partner with Lego bricks – how many Lego bricks tall am I?

Finding different combinations of objects that are longer, shorter or the same length as a metre ruler!

Ordering items from smallest to tallest, and tallest to shortest!



In literacy, we have read a new fiction story ‘Toys in Space’ by Mini Grey. As a class, we discussed how our toys are special to us and linked our experiences to the story. Inspired by ‘Toys in Space’, we are planning a fabulous Toy’s Party next Friday (12.10.18) to celebrate! Please bring along a special teddy if you would like. In class, we are busy writing some fabulous invitations… we are very excited!


Our activities have included:

Creating a lost poster for Hoctopize’s toy, Cuddles

Writing stories to tell our cuddly toys

Building Hocotopize’s Spaceship in construction

Designing parachutes to help the lost toys return to Earth


During P.E, we have been practising movement and exploring lots of different ways we can move our bodies. We have also been working on developing our balancing, catching and throwing skills, which we have really enjoyed!


For our spelling challenge this week, we had great fun completing a spelling treasure hunt with our learning partner! 



Updated on 12.10.18


Is the Big Ben longer than a sunflower? Is a Pokémon card shorter than a caterpillar? Is the teddy bear heavier than a Numicon piece? Here are some of the questions we have been asking ourselves this week when learning all about measure!


Our activities have included:

Ordering 5 and more objects from shortest to longest.

Finding objects both in and outside the classroom that are longer and shorter than each other.

Writing sentences to describe the measurements using key words ‘shorter’ and ‘longer’.

Weighing different objects using balance scales to discover which ones are heavier and lighter.


This week, we have continued to work on our new fiction story, ‘Toys in Space’ by Mini Grey. We have been busy writing our very special invitations for our Toy Party, by making sure we have used capital letters, full stops and finger spaces!


Our activities have included:

Writing stories to tell to our toys

Den making and rocket building challenges during outdoor provision 

Circle time to share why our toys are special to us and how we can link our experiences to our book, 'Toys in Space'. 

Road Safety Afternoon no

On Friday afternoon, we had some very special visitors in class helping us learn all about road safety. We had lots of fun and learnt the Green Cross Code: Think, Stop, Look and Listen. 


Updated on 19/10/18


In mathematics this week, we have started learning all about addition! We started using concrete objects to create number calculations and began to record our calculations in written form. We had fun using hula hoops, bean bags and unifix cubes to represent our numbers and support our counting.


During early bird maths and provision led challenge, we have enjoyed practising the two part whole model too. Have a look at our work below!



This week, we have compared the two fiction stories ‘Beegu’ and ‘Toys in Space’ by creating our own venn diagram. During discussion, we explored how the characters and their experiences were similar and different in both stories.



During P.E, we played a game of 10 bin bowling but slightly differently…

We had to work together in our pairs to build the tallest tower and try and knock it down using bean bags! We were really proud of our hard work and enjoyed the challenge.  

w.b 5.11.18

Updated on 9.11.18 


This week in literacy we explored the nursery rhymes, 'Incy Wincy Spider' and 'It's Raining, It's Pouring'. We had fun identifying the rhyming words in each poem and we began to recite both by heart. Similarly, during our guided reading session we read 'The Worst Princess' and spotted the rhyming words as a class. 



We started the topic of shape this week. We had fun completing a 2-D shape treasure hunt around the classroom and we learnt how to create a tally to represent our numbers. 

Our weekly challenge within provision was to create a 2-D shape picture to consolidate our learning in class no

Challenge: How many 2-D shapes can you spot at home? 

w.b 12.11.18

Updated on 16.11.18

What a fabulous week! Thank you to everyone who joined us on Tuesday for our opening morning. We had great fun learning all about 3D shapes - have a look at some of our work below! frown



In English this week, we have learnt all about rhyming words. Our previous learning has included identifying the rhyming words in the two nursery rhymes: Incy Wincy Spider and It's Raining, It's Pouring. Working in our groups, we chose to perform Incy Wincy Spider to the rest of the class and recite the poem by heart, with our own actions too! 
We enjoyed listening to each other's performances and we explained our thoughts and ideas on each one.


We have also been working hard on our letter formation and this week we have practised forming the curly letter 'g' no


In Science this week, we identified and organised a range of light sources into bright, brighter and brightest! no

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