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Year 1 - Yew

frownnoWelcome to Year One Class Page! nofrown

*Scroll down for weekly updates* 


I feel very lucky and excited to be teaching Year One. We have had a super first week and I am looking forward to all the wonderful things we will achieve this year! 


Please visit this page as the year progresses for updates, and to find out a little more about what we have been learning in class.


Communication, both to celebrate the good things and tackle any problems or concerns, plays a principal role in ensuring the very best education for your child. Parents/guardians, please do not hesitate to contact me on the school number, or via email:


Alternatively, feel free to arrange a meeting - or simply pop in for a brief chat.


Many thanks,

Miss Richards

w.b 18.03.19



This week in phonics we have been focusing on the split digraph u-e, adding knowledge to our sound family 'oo'.

Our activities have include: 

  • Segmenting and blending relay race 
  • Can you spot the tricky words and real words among the nonsense words? 
  • Can solve the coloured puzzle by colouring the real words, nonsense words and tricky words in different colours? 

We have been practising reading the tricky words: Mr and out this week and spelling these correctly during independent writing. We also take a picture using our eyes cheeky and we are always on the look out for tricky words during guided reading sessions, as well as our sound of the week. At the end of the day, we have started creating an alien story as a class; Miss Richards will tell the story and write the characters name on the board, which we read together. The other day, we met an alien call Mr Queeps and Miss Chice. We discussed how the letter 'c' can sometimes be pronounced as a 's'. 

Home challenge

Can you create your own alien story using the sound family 'oo'?  


This week we started the topic of division! We first recapped our prior learning of addition and subtraction, as well as our most recent work of multiplication. We explored various words we can use when describing each operation. We learnt the key words 'sharing equally' when learning all about division. First, we explored what equal looks like. Miss Richards had two pictures of a tree, both trees had 5 apples on their branches and we agreed this was equal. However, another picture showed 5 bananas on one table and 6 bananas on another table. We agreed this wasn't equal and discussed how we could make it equal. As a class we had great discussion including: taking one banana from table 2 to cut in half, so both tables had 5 whole bananas and 1 half to taking one banana away or adding another one. Our activities included using paper plates to share skittles equally between 2 friends. We drew the skittles in our workbook, as we shared them equally to support our division calculations. We also explored division in our outdoor area by using hula hoops and bean bags. Super learning everyone! no

Home challenge: 

If I have 18 cupcakes, can I share them equally with my cousin and my best friend? 

Faith Day! 

This Thursday was a very exciting day as it was both World Faith Day and World Downs Syndrome Day! 

We had a super day celebrating diversity and learning all about different faiths and beliefs. The Year One classroom became the Judaism room, where we all made dreidels! Other classrooms all around school became different faiths, including: Hinduism, Sikhism, Christianity and Buddhism. We enjoyed learning all about the different religions in our coloured groups and sharing our day during assembly time. frown


This week has been Shakespeare week and in Year One we enjoyed learning about William Shakespeare and the play: A Midsummer Nights Dream. We designed our own enchanted forest character for the play, have a look at our lovely work below! frown


w.b 11.03.19


This week, we have been learning all about the sound family 'er' and the alternative spellings for this sound, including: 'ir' and 'ur'. We enjoyed learning the rhymes to help us remember these different spellings: 

ir - whirl and twirl 

er - better, letter 

ur - nurse with a purse 

Our activities have included: 

  • Whole class phonics bingo! 
  • Brain Blitz challenge of matching the cone word to the grapheme 
  • Roll a grapheme - Can you create your own sentence using the graphemes ir, ur and er?

We have been working hard to use these alternative spellings correctly during independent tasks. frown


This week, we have started to learn all about multiplication. We begun using the vocabulary 'groups of 2' and explored counting a range of objects in groups of 2. We then progressed to using arrays to represent our multiplication calculations. Our activities included using bean bags to build our own arrays and then drawing our own in our 


I have 4 groups of 2 apples in my basket. How many apples are there altogether? Can you write this as a multiplication calculation? 



This week, we went on a animal hunt in our outdoor area to look for invertebrates! We used IPads to capture pictures of the different animals we found and enjoyed researching all about them back in class. We found a couple of wiggly worms and a spider; we discussed the animals that we didn't spot and the possible reasons why. For example, we did not see any butterflies possibly because the weather is too cold. Super work! frown

w.b 04.03.19


This week we have been learning all about the sound family 'oo' and the alternative spellings for this sound, including 'ew' and 'ue'. We have learnt the tricky words 'people' and 'asked' this week and worked hard to spell these words correctly during independent writing. 


It has been an exciting week in literacy this week with World Book Day celebrations! We have been enjoying sharing stories and celebrating writing in Year One. We learnt the traditional, 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and designed our own story board to re-tell the story. We have recapped our prior learning of adjectives to write a super character description of the our World Book Day character! During GPV this week, we have learnt how to use apostrophes for contraction; we have focused on: I'm, she's, he's and where's. We enjoyed using jelly beans to represent our apostrophes, which supported our independent writing. 


We have continued to develop our understanding of addition and subtraction by solving missing number problems! In class, we received an emergency call from Pikachu explaining he needed our help to save a rare and special Pokemon by solving the missing number problems to break the safe. We worked hard in our teams to solve the missing number problems and help Pikachu - fabulous work! frown

w.b 25.02.19

frownHappy Spring 2!frown

Picture 1


This week we have been learning about the sound family 'ee' and the alternative spellings for this sound, including: 'ea' and 'y'. Our tricky words this week have been: 'could' and 'their'. We have enjoyed tackling tricky word challenges in class, which have included writing each word with our non dominant hand and with our eyes closed! 

Our activities have included: 

  • Sorting the real and alien words before the timer runs out 
  • Phonics Bingo! 
  • Spotting all the 'ee' graphemes in a story 
  • Matching the words to the correct grapheme in our outside area 
  • Create an 'ee' sound family poster with our learning partner to consolidate our learning

We have been working hard to use our phonics during independent writing to support our spelling.  


This half term we are learning all about traditional tales with a focus on igniting writing!

This week we have enjoyed using drama and story props to re-tell the traditional tale – ‘The Three Little Pigs’. As a class, we learnt key elements of a story: characters, setting and plot and created a recipe for a traditional tale in the context of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We read the story as a class and joined in with predictable phrases when retelling the tale, such as ‘I will huff and puff and I will blow your house down!’. We then imagined we were one of the little pigs needing a strong house for protection from the big, bad wolf. We enjoyed building our house after collecting a range of materials from our outside area including: flower petals, sticks and leaves. We also used a range of craft materials, such as: cotton wool, pompoms, feathers and coloured card to make the best house.

After building our houses, we wrote an evaluation detailing the materials used and why and how we can make our creations even better. Have a look at some of our amazing houses below .... no



This week we have been learning all about singular and plural nouns and the spelling rule (adding -s and -es) to change a singular noun into a plural. We enjoyed working in our butterfly teams to complete a Brain Blitz challenge. This consisted of: jumping through the hoops, throwing a bean bag into the bucket, picking a noun picture and recording the plural noun on our team sheet.frown


In mathematics this week, we have been learning all about addition and subtraction. We have used number lines and concrete objects to support our calculations and enjoyed tackling some worded problems! frown

Home challenge:

If you buy 8 apples at the shop and you eat 3, how many apples are left? 

You see 8 birds flying in the sky on Monday and on Tuesday you see 7 more. How many birds do you see altogether? 


w.b 11.02.19


smileyThank you all for a wonderful half term! I wish you all a restful break and look forward to seeing you in Spring 2 smiley


no R.E Open Afternoon! no

Thank you for attending this week's R.E open afternoon! We had a lovely time discussing the 'Big Questions' that arose from the creation frieze and creating our own thankfulness collages. 


We have been learning all about the 'igh' sound family this week, focusing on the split digraph 'i-e'. Our activities have included: 

  • Finding the real words before the timer runs out 
  • Identifying all the 'igh' words in a phoneme spotter story
  • Matching the domino cards in the quickest time
  • Matching the words to the correct grapheme


We have been continuing with the unit of measure this week and learning how to measure the weight of objects using grams and kilograms. We learnt there are 1000g in 1kg and we enjoyed weighing classroom objects in our butterfly groups. no

w.b 04.02.19 


African Drumming Workshop

Year One and Year Two greatly enjoyed an African drumming workshop, after raising the funds from the Winter Wonderland cafe! We enjoyed learning all about the drums and how to make lots of different sounds. After our workshop, we performed to reception, Year 4 and Year 5, which was very exciting.frown


This week we have been building our knowledge of the sound family 'ai' by learning all about the split digraph a-e. We have been doing lots of whiteboard work in class, where we wrote our own captions to describe a range of pictures using the a-e split digraph. We have also been working hard to improve our writing of tricky words by listening to our tricky word song and writing the words as we sing a long. This week we have focused on: they and were. We have also recapped our learning of the 'oa' sound family, developing our understanding of the split digraph o-e. 

Our challenges have included: 

  • Matching the domino cards in the quickest time
  • Completing the spelling o-e board game by filling the missing letters 
  • Segmenting a range of words into their individual sounds 
  • Sorting a range of alien and real words
  • Matching a range of words to the correct grapheme 


In English, we have been learning all about adjectives and nouns. We had fun in class attempting to sell a pencil to our learning partner by using our best vocabulary, such as: sparkly, superb, superior, fantastic and many more! We learnt new actions to help us remember what a noun is and will continue to develop this new learning next week. We have also written a story mountain to plan our Polar Adventure. Our story mountain included an: opening, build-up, dilemma, resolution and closing. We have begun to write our stories, working hard to use capital letters and full stops, as well as adjectives to improve our writing. We have begun to punctuate our sentences using exclamation marks to make our writing even more exciting! Keep your eyes peeled for some fantastic Polar Adventure stories... no


In Year One, we learnt all about friendship and what a good friend looks like. We shared some lovely ideas during circle time and respected our peers through active listening and super team work. 

Our activities included: 

  • What I want in a friend? We used a big roll paper in our teams to draw around a volunteer and record lots of different qualities that make a good friend. 
  • Can you make a recipe for friendship? We used lots of different ingredients, such as happiness, kindness and gentleness in our recipes. We had fun working together and recording our ideas on whiteboards. 
  • What does a good friend look like? In our teams, we helped each other sort the scenarios into what a good friend or bad friend would do. We drew our own scenario pictures to show what a good friend looks like. 
  • How can I help? We enjoyed taking part in a drama activity in our groups using our class prop bag. We read a scenario card, where a character felt sad. We acted this out and demonstrated, through role play how we would help through being a good friend.  



We have been working hard on the topic of measure this week. We have learnt about the units of measure: cm and m. We enjoyed learning how to use a ruler accurately and we measured lots of different classroom objects in cm. We also learnt that there are 100cm in 1m and explored a range of different objects in our outdoor area that measure less than and more than 1m. frown


w.b 28/01/19


Winter Wonderland Cafe! no

Thank you for visiting and supporting the Winter Wonderland Cafe this Thursday! We greatly enjoyed helping serve all the yummy cakes and drinks and being able to visit the cafe in the afternoon. We have raised some money for a special musical surprise, which we are every excited for...! frown


Literacy and Phonics

This week in phonics, we have continued to build our knowledge of the 'oa' sound family by learning all about the split digraph o-e. We have produced some fantastic writing, where we used our phonics knowledge to support independent spelling. In class, we have proudly displayed our wow work, where you can see how we have used the split digraph o-e in our writing. A brand new and very exciting Pen Pal system has begun in Year One, where each day a new person is randomly chosen to write a letter to either Kevin or Roary to post in our class postbox. The mail arrives each afternoon with a reply! We have enjoyed writing our letters so far and look forward to continuing this next week. frown



We learnt all about 1 more and 1 less this week. We enjoyed working in our teams to roll the dice, add the amount and write what is 1 more and 1 more less than the given number. We have also begun to learn all about partitioning numbers into tens and ones. As as class, we have explored 2 digit numbers through 100 grid splat and using the foam numicon pieces to build our numbers. no


We started jumping this week in P.E, which we have really enjoyed! We our developing our skills by learning lots of different types of jumps, for example 1 to 1 and 2 to 1.  frown

w.b 21.01.19



Our sound family this week has been 'oa'. We have been learning about the alternative spellings for this sound: oe, ow and o. We enjoyed taking part in a phonics carousel, where are challenges included: 

  • Sorting the alien and real words before the timer runs out
  • Combining the word cards to create three full sentences 
  • Listening and writing the sentences spoken from the talking tins
  • Matching a range of 'oa' words to the correct grapheme




We have been learning all about the months of the year this week. We have practiced writing each month and learning how to spell them correctly. We enjoyed discussing special occasions that happen in each month as a class and learning our new months of the year song! frown


Our class split into two teams: Robert Falcon Scott and the Norwegian party and the race to the South Pole began! We had to map our journey by spotting all the different animals on our way. It was a challenging journey; we met blizzards, snow drifts, steep hills and slippery slopes! It was important to work as a team and support each other and we all enjoyed celebrating victory at the South Pole! Back in class, we mapped our journey by sequencing pictures of the animals we saw in the correct order. What an adventure, super work everyone!


To document our journey we have been busy writing a recount of our South Pole adventure! We have been working hard to include our capital letters and full stops during independent writing, as well as using exclamation marks to punctuate our sentences! Keep your eyes out for some super recounts! no


We have enjoyed gymnastics this week by developing our balancing skills! We enjoyed learning lots of different balances and perfecting them with our team. frown

w.b 14.0.19

T.T Rock star Day!

We had a great day on Thursday dressing up in our Rock star outfits learning all about our times tables! Have a look at our amazing outfits below! frown


This week we have been learning all about the alternative spellings for 'igh'.

Our activities have included: 

  • Creating an 'igh' poster to show the different spellings 
  • Writing captions to describe a range of 'igh' pictures during independent writing 
  • Matching the cone word to the correct grapheme in our outdoor area 
  • Working with our learning partners to build a range of 'igh' words 
  • Completing a tricky word and 'igh' word search!




We started gymnastics this week in P.E and enjoyed the challenge of creating a range of different balances in our groups! no


We started our topic of time this week.

Our activities included:

  • Sequencing our school day, using the key words before, after and next 
  • Singing the days of the week song and identifying 'yesterday' and 'tomorrow' 

w.b 07.01.19 


frownWelcome back and a very Happy New Year! frown


 In Year One, we have had a super start to 2019 and our Spring term. 



In phonics, we have been learning all about alternative spellings for the sound 'ai'. We have enjoyed working with our learning partners to build words using the different graphemes 'ai' and 'ay'. Our spelling challenge was a relay race this week, where we had to work in our teams to spell the correct 'ai'/'ay' words and tricky words correctly. We also enjoyed a tricky word treasure hunt; we worked together to read and write these words. no


We have started to learn about the famous explorer Robert Falcon Scott and we began to write a fact file describing his achievements! We have been working hard on our independent writing too and making sure to double check our sentences for capital letters and full stops. 


We have started the topic of money this week, which we have really enjoyed. We have been working on identifying the different denominations of coins and ordering these according to their value. We set up our very own cake shop in Year One, where we had to calculate the value of each item for sale. We then had to find the correct combination of coins to buy a cupcake and a chocolate coin! We enjoyed this challenge - have a look at our work below! frown


Weekly Update


Updated on 14/09/2018

We have had another super week in Year One! frown

Roald Dahl day

We explored the story, The Twits and visited our own Twits' Diner in class! The children enjoyed building their own Diner in the Construction Area and creating Mr Twit's messy beard in the Messy Area! We had a great time. 



We have been busy reading the story 'Beegu' by Alexis Deacon 

Our activities have included;

- Sequencing the events

- Building a space shelter

- Building a rocket to help Beegu get home 

- Designing Beegu's planet 


This week we have been focusing on number skills. The children are enjoyed revisiting the Numicon pieces to 10 and created their own number line. We have also been focusing on numbers up to 100 and have practised counting in 2's, 5's and 10's.



Can you count to 100 in 2's, 5's and 10's? 

Can you teach a family member how to count to 100 in 10's? 


Picture 1
Picture 2


Updated on 21/09/18 


What another super week in Year One! no




We have continued to work on our number skills this week with particular focus on our number formation. We have had great fun learning new songs and practising how our numbers are formed using our magic fingers.


Our activities have included:


Creating a number ‘washing’ line

Creating a number snake

Rolling dice and threading the correct number of beads

Painting our own 2 part model to show different number calculations



We explored the story of Beegu further and developed our understanding of capital letters and full stops in our sentence writing.


Other activities included:


Making a playdoh model of Beegu

Painting a picture of Beegu

In our own words, explaining how Beegu may have felt in certain stages of the story. 




In exciting news, we received a very special letter from NASA detailing our learning missions to become fully certified astronauts! Our first learning mission is to learn all about the life of Neil Armstrong and why he was a hero.


Our activities included:


Designing and labelling Neil Armstrong’s rocket

Building a Lego rocket

Painting Neil Armstrong in space

Applying our understanding of capital letters and full stops to write a fact about Neil Armstrong


Updated on 28/09/18 




In mathematics this week, we have developed our counting skills and practised counting by 2s, 5s and 10s. We linked our counting to pairs of socks and our hands and fingers, which helped out understanding. We have been working hard to develop our number formation and number recognition beyond 20 too!


Our activities have included:

100 grid splat to paint the multiples of 2, 5 and 10

Counting by 2s and 5s hopscotch

Counting pairs of socks by 2

Matching multiples of 5 to the correct Numicon piece



We started a new fiction story of ‘Whatever Next’ by Jill Murphy. We had great fun developing our comprehension skills by re-telling the story through freeze framing.


Other activities included:

Packing Baby Bear’s backpack to the moon.

Painting Baby Bear on the moon or another planet we have been learning about!

Sequencing the beginning, middle and end of the story using sentence cones.

Creating a shopping list for Baby Bear's and Owl's yummy picnic on the moon.

Creating a shape and Numicon rocket for Baby Bear. 

We have also been working on our letter formation this week, focusing on the curly letter 'a'. Look at our fabulous work below! smiley



We have had great fun this week continuing our learning about space! We enjoyed learning a new song all about the solar system and adventuring on a spacewalk to collect all the moon rocks!

Other activities included:

Packing a space backpack

Designing a spacesuit

Building a rocket using 2D and 3D shapes

w/b 01/10/18
Updated 05/10/18


We have been working hard to improve our understanding and writing of numbers greater than 10.

We started our new topic of measures this week with a focus on length and height.


Our activities included:

Measuring our learning partner with Lego bricks – how many Lego bricks tall am I?

Finding different combinations of objects that are longer, shorter or the same length as a metre ruler!

Ordering items from smallest to tallest, and tallest to shortest!



In literacy, we have read a new fiction story ‘Toys in Space’ by Mini Grey. As a class, we discussed how our toys are special to us and linked our experiences to the story. Inspired by ‘Toys in Space’, we are planning a fabulous Toy’s Party next Friday (12.10.18) to celebrate! Please bring along a special teddy if you would like. In class, we are busy writing some fabulous invitations… we are very excited!


Our activities have included:

Creating a lost poster for Hoctopize’s toy, Cuddles

Writing stories to tell our cuddly toys

Building Hocotopize’s Spaceship in construction

Designing parachutes to help the lost toys return to Earth


During P.E, we have been practising movement and exploring lots of different ways we can move our bodies. We have also been working on developing our balancing, catching and throwing skills, which we have really enjoyed!


For our spelling challenge this week, we had great fun completing a spelling treasure hunt with our learning partner! 



Updated on 12.10.18


Is the Big Ben longer than a sunflower? Is a Pokémon card shorter than a caterpillar? Is the teddy bear heavier than a Numicon piece? Here are some of the questions we have been asking ourselves this week when learning all about measure!


Our activities have included:

Ordering 5 and more objects from shortest to longest.

Finding objects both in and outside the classroom that are longer and shorter than each other.

Writing sentences to describe the measurements using key words ‘shorter’ and ‘longer’.

Weighing different objects using balance scales to discover which ones are heavier and lighter.


This week, we have continued to work on our new fiction story, ‘Toys in Space’ by Mini Grey. We have been busy writing our very special invitations for our Toy Party, by making sure we have used capital letters, full stops and finger spaces!


Our activities have included:

Writing stories to tell to our toys

Den making and rocket building challenges during outdoor provision 

Circle time to share why our toys are special to us and how we can link our experiences to our book, 'Toys in Space'. 

Road Safety Afternoon no

On Friday afternoon, we had some very special visitors in class helping us learn all about road safety. We had lots of fun and learnt the Green Cross Code: Think, Stop, Look and Listen. 


Updated on 19/10/18


In mathematics this week, we have started learning all about addition! We started using concrete objects to create number calculations and began to record our calculations in written form. We had fun using hula hoops, bean bags and unifix cubes to represent our numbers and support our counting.


During early bird maths and provision led challenge, we have enjoyed practising the two part whole model too. Have a look at our work below!



This week, we have compared the two fiction stories ‘Beegu’ and ‘Toys in Space’ by creating our own venn diagram. During discussion, we explored how the characters and their experiences were similar and different in both stories.



During P.E, we played a game of 10 bin bowling but slightly differently…

We had to work together in our pairs to build the tallest tower and try and knock it down using bean bags! We were really proud of our hard work and enjoyed the challenge.  

w.b 5.11.18

Updated on 9.11.18 


This week in literacy we explored the nursery rhymes, 'Incy Wincy Spider' and 'It's Raining, It's Pouring'. We had fun identifying the rhyming words in each poem and we began to recite both by heart. Similarly, during our guided reading session we read 'The Worst Princess' and spotted the rhyming words as a class. 



We started the topic of shape this week. We had fun completing a 2-D shape treasure hunt around the classroom and we learnt how to create a tally to represent our numbers. 

Our weekly challenge within provision was to create a 2-D shape picture to consolidate our learning in class no

Challenge: How many 2-D shapes can you spot at home? 

w.b 12.11.18

Updated on 16.11.18

What a fabulous week! Thank you to everyone who joined us on Tuesday for our opening morning. We had great fun learning all about 3D shapes - have a look at some of our work below! frown



In English this week, we have learnt all about rhyming words. Our previous learning has included identifying the rhyming words in the two nursery rhymes: Incy Wincy Spider and It's Raining, It's Pouring. Working in our groups, we chose to perform Incy Wincy Spider to the rest of the class and recite the poem by heart, with our own actions too! 
We enjoyed listening to each other's performances and we explained our thoughts and ideas on each one.


We have also been working hard on our letter formation and this week we have practised forming the curly letter 'g' no


In Science this week, we identified and organised a range of light sources into bright, brighter and brightest! no

w.b. 19.11.18 

Updated on 23.11.18



We have worked hard to develop our counting skills this week by practising counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s. Our class challenge was to complete the missing number sequences. 


Challenge - Can you spot the mistake in this sequence? 

5, 10, 15, 22, 25, 30 ... 

We worked particularly hard on our counting by 2s by improving our understanding of 'pairs'. Our activities included: 

  • How many pairs of smelly socks are hanging on the washing line? 
  • How many pairs of animals entered Noah's Ark?




In English this week, we went on an Autumn walk around school and described what we could see, hear, smell and touch. We have been inspired by the rain and enjoyed learning about the poem April Rain Song by Langston Hughes. We used our experiences to write our very own rain poem and worked hard to include capital letters and full stops in our writing. 


Take Over Day! 

It's been a very exciting Friday with Take Over Day! We enjoyed a phonics lesson with our new teachers, where we practised our speedy sounds. We learnt the new sound 'ew' - chew the stew and practised this sound during spellings. 


w.b 26.11.18 

Updated on 30.11.18 


frownSTAR OF THE WEEK! frown


In exciting news, we have just started star of the week in Year One to celebrate our hard work and achievements in class. This week's star of the week is... 

Picture 1
For super participation and hard work during our fraction learning! no


In mathematics this week we have started the new topic of fractions, which we have enjoyed learning all about! 

Our activities have included:

  • Finding a half and a quarter of a hula hoop using metre sticks and bean bags! 
  • Making fraction food and creating a fraction food menu! 
  • Exploring halves and quarters when designing a fraction picture.

Some of the questions we have been exploring in class are... 

  • If I were to split an object in half, how many equal parts do I have? 
  • If I were to split an object into quarters, how many equal parts do I have? 

We have just started to explore how to find a half of a number using the part, part whole model to support our learning. Have a look at our super work below! 



This week we have been developing our independent writing skills and continuing to work hard to remember capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. We enjoyed choosing a picture and writing a caption to describe it. 

Drama Workshop 

We took part in a special drama workshop. We had lots of fun playing drama games to develop our communication and practise using our voices. We learnt and performed a play where we became ants who were trying to eat the crumb of a chocolate cake! It was fun performing as a class and practising our drama skills.

w.b. 03.12.18

Updated 07.12.18


frownSTAR OF THE WEEK!frown

This week's Star of the Week is...

Picture 1

For being a kind friend to all your classmates! Well done! no


We have been learning all about capacity this week, which we have enjoyed. We used the vocabulary full, half full and empty to describe different measurements. We used different materials to fill a variety of containers and enjoyed solving different problems for capacity. 



In English this week, we received a very special letter from Father Christmas explaining that he needs our help! Father Christmas had lost his very important to do list, so we had fun writing Father Christmas a new one! We also had fun writing a reply letter to Father Christmas explaining why Christmas is important to us. It was lovely sharing our ideas and celebrating our writing as a class. 

w.b. 10.12.18

Updated 14.12.18

It has been a very exciting week! We enjoyed the Road Safety Pantomime, where we learnt all about the green cross code: think, stop, look and listen. We also had a very important visit from the Yorkshire Police to provide a Hate Crime talk, who said "the children were amazing and were all actively engaged and listening". no


We have enjoyed making our own Christmas cards and calendars, which we can't wait to take home next week. 


frown Thank you for all your hard work and wishing everyone a very merry Christmas from Year One!frown



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