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Spring 2

Week 5 Phonics

Sound of the week- ar

"Start the car." 

Green words: sharp, start, star, car, part.

Red words: are, my, was


Are you feeling ok?

My name is...

It was raining yesterday. 

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Week 4- Red word trail


This week Mrs Warrington has been working with the children to develop quick reading of our red words. The red words were hidden all around the outside area and the children had to hunt for them. To end, the children had the opportunity to explore the outside trim trail, where they could climb and balance. However, before they could jump off they had to read one of the red words and have a go at saying a sentence, containing that word. 

Week 4

Week 4 1
Week 4 2
Week 4 3
Week 4 4
Week 4 5
Week 4 6
Week 4 7
Week 4 8
Week 4 9

Week 3

Week 3 1
Week 3 2

Sound: oo (u)

Rhyme: Look at a book

Green words: look, took, foot, cook

Red words: he, we, me, be, she 

Week 2- oo

Week 2- oo 1
Week 2- oo 2
Week 2- oo 3

Sound: oo

Rhyme: Poo at the zoo

Green words: too, mood, moon, food

Red words: he, she , we 

Week 1- ow

Week 1- ow 1
Week 1- ow 2
Week 1- ow 3
Week 1- ow 4
Week 1- ow 5
Week 1- ow 6

Sound of the week: 'ow'

Rhyme: "Blow the snow"

Green words: flow, show

Red words: he, she, we 

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