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Random Acts of Kindness

Picture 1 "I walked the dog when my mum was poorly."
Picture 1 "I held the door open for all the Year 2s."
Picture 1 "I helped my granny to clean the windows."
Picture 1 "I baked my mum a cupcake to make her smile."

Curtis: "I tidied my bedroom without having to be asked."


Trudi: "I gave my dad a hug and a kiss to make him feel better- it worked!"


Darcie: "I drew a picture for my mum because it is her birthday tomorrow."


Daisy: "I held the door open for Mrs Sanderson when I went to get my lunchbox. I saw her coming through the hall and went straight over to the door."


Skye: "I made my mum a fruit salad because I felt like doing a nice thing for her."


Ash: "I helped one of the younger children to log on to the computer at after school club."

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