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Room on the Broom

Room on the Broom

This week we have read the story 'Room on the broom' by Julia Donaldson. On Wednesday afternoon, we explored the different activities set p in the outside Area. The activities included:

- Story tray- The children used the props and puppets to retell the story in their own words

- Making potions- The children created a potion, just like the one in the story, using mud, and pumpkins

- Messy Play- The children explored the inside of a pumpkin. The children explored the texture and the smell

- Making wands- The children enjoyed collecting sticks to make magic wands

- Dressing up- The children enjoyed dressing up as the characters in the story. 


Picture 1 Exploring the pumpkin
Picture 2 Dressing up
Picture 3 Creating magic wands
Picture 4 Role Play
Picture 5 Creating magic wands
Picture 6 Making potions
Picture 7 What does it feel like?
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