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Changes Around Me

19.05.2018- Royal Wedding

19.05.2018- Royal Wedding  1
19.05.2018- Royal Wedding  2
19.05.2018- Royal Wedding  3
19.05.2018- Royal Wedding  4
19.05.2018- Royal Wedding  5

This half term our topic is; Changes Around Me.

We will be;

- exploring changes in the environment

- learning about animals

- learning about our past and how we have changed from being a baby.

To help with our topic could you please bring in one photograph of your child when they were a baby? I will take a photocopy which will be used for a display in the classroom.

During our topic we will also explore changes from when we were babies to when our parents/ grandparents were babies in relation to the clothes we wore and the toys we played with. If you have any photographs of when parents/ grandparents were babies and don’t mind sharing with the class, it would be very much appreciated!



This week we have set up a flower experiment to see which flower grows the best. As you can see from the labels the experiment is as follows; 
- One flower is in a container of water 
- One flower is in an empty container 
- One flower is in green water 
- One flower is in blue water 
- The last flower has water, but no light.


Which flower will grow the best? 
What will happen to the flowers in coloured water? 
What will happen to the flower with no light?

Picture 1



This week we have been learning to identify the different parts of plants. The children have enjoyed using magnifiers to explore the plant investigation station! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5



Lamb Visit!

We had two very special visitors in Reception this week. 

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