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Spring 1

8th Feb- This week we have been exploring capacity. How many small cups of water does it take to fill up the bucket? 

9th Feb- Capacity

9th Feb- Capacity 1
9th Feb- Capacity 2
9th Feb- Capacity 3
9th Feb- Capacity 4
9th Feb- Capacity 5

24th Jan- Height

This week the children have been interested in measuring the height of objects. Once of the children asked; "Who is the tallest in our class?" This sparked a discussion about the height of children in our class. We soon found out that the oldest person of the class wasn't the tallest! Some of the children found this a bit tricky to understand, so we put the whole class in height order- starting with the tallest and ending with the shortest. 

Lotty was the tallest member of our class and Taylor was the shortest. 


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Adding Machine

This week we have been using the adding machine to help us add two numbers together. We have also started to write addition sentences using the + and = signs. 

Adding Machine

Adding Machine  1
Adding Machine  2
Adding Machine  3
Adding Machine  4
Adding Machine  5

Repeating Patterns

This week we have been creating repeating patterns in our Maths activities. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
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