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Shape Houses

We have made some fabulous houses using shapes. The children have used their knowledge of shapes from last half term to make pictures of their houses. Please come and see our Maths Display! 

Shape Houses

Shape Houses  1
Shape Houses  2
Shape Houses  3

Spring 2- Shape

This half term we are learning about shapes. We are learning to name regular 2D shapes, and are learning to identify the shapes in our environment. The shapes we are learning to recgonise and name are;

- Triangle

- Square

- Rectangle

- Circle

- Hexagon



I wonder if you can find any objects at your house, or on your way to Nursery, that are one of the shapes we have been learning about? 


What shapes are the sign posts?


What shapes are the white lines on the road? 


Can you find anything that is a circular shape? 

Shape Hunt

Shape Hunt 1
Shape Hunt 2
Shape Hunt 3
Shape Hunt 4
Shape Hunt 5
Shape Hunt 6
Shape Hunt 7
Shape Hunt 8
Shape Hunt 9
Shape Hunt 10
Shape Hunt 11
Shape Hunt 12
Shape Hunt 13
Shape Hunt 14
Shape Hunt 15
Shape Hunt 16
Shape Hunt 17


Shape SPLAT 1
Shape SPLAT 2
Shape SPLAT 3
Picture 1
Picture 2

Shape Prints

Shape Prints 1
Shape Prints 2
Shape Prints 3

Drawing shapes

Drawing shapes 1
Drawing shapes 2
Drawing shapes 3
Drawing shapes 4
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