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We have been learning to add two groups of numbers together by telling a story. We have learnt to use three special words to help. Our special words are; 'first', 'then' and 'now.' 


To begin, we used pictures to help tell our story. We used Jack and the Beanstalk as an example and added two groups of jelly beans together. For example' "First i had 2 jelly beans, then 1 more came along and now i have 3 jelly beans." 


Once all the children were secure, we moved on to using concrete objects to support our story telling. The children used real magic beans and had to move the beans to tell their 'first, then, now' story. 


After a couple of weeks (when we were really good) the children moved on to using numbers to support. Please look at our work in our Maths books where we have used a part part whole model to work out addition. 

Magic Beans

Magic Beans  1
Magic Beans  2
Magic Beans  3
Magic Beans  4
Magic Beans  5
Magic Beans  6

Part Part Whole

Part Part Whole  1
Part Part Whole  2
Part Part Whole  3
Part Part Whole  4
Part Part Whole  5
Part Part Whole  6
Part Part Whole  7
Part Part Whole  8
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