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Year 6 - Willow

smileyWelcome to Y6 Class Page! smiley


We have had a fabulous start to the year so far! It has been lovely to get to know my new Y6 class this week and I am looking forward to the term ahead. 


As we progress through the term, I will be updating this page with details of homework, PE, classroom activities, trips and events....and of course, there will be lots of information regarding the end of KS2 SATs which take place in May.


Should you need to contact me, please contact the school office and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  


Mrs Evans




w/c 17th September

This week, we have been tackling negative numbers in Maths, discussing how if Jamal Blackman, Leeds United goalkeeper, were to build a mansion with underground levels, what floors they would be. We also translated this into temperature and analysed the differences between temperatures. 


Picture 1

In English and History, we are asking ourselves why the world should be ashamed of slavery, exploring the location of the Slave Trade Triangle, what was traded and which countries were involved. We investigated various historical sources and questioned the reliability of each, before making inferences about the experiences of slaves.

We have also further explored Martin Luther King, ready to begin our biographies next week. 


Reading has involved the theme of 'rain', comparing different poems and practising our VIPERS skills of 'infer', 'vocabulary', 'explain' and 'retrieve'. 


In RE, we are looking at Sikhism, comparing the beliefs to Christianity and noticing that many are the same. 


Music involved further exploration of Michael Jackson and Motown: playing along to the ballad 'I'll Be There', whilst listening and appraising 'I Want You Back' - see the concentration on our faces!

w/c 10th September 2018

What a busy week! This week, we have been exploring place value and rounding in maths, which can be quite tricky when working with large numbers. We discussed why it's important to be able to round accurately and thought of real-life examples. 


In Art, we have been learning about Pablo Picasso, creating Powerpoints about his life and the Cubist movement. Watch out for our cubist portraits, as we are rather proud of them.


Using an image of Mount Doom from Lord of the Rings, we analysed what we could see, using an acronym called DADWAVERS! to help us write more interesting sentences. How would you describe what you can see?





Picture 1
Picture 1

Martin Luther King

Our main focus this half term is going to be around real-life heroes such as Martin Luther King. We will be learning lots about the Civil Rights Movement, and this week found out who MLK was and why he was considered a hero.


Roald Dahl Day 2018

What fun we had on RD Day! Some excellent use of facial expression, body language and gesture to embody different RD characters. Pupils controlled their still images excellently, and carefully considered how to bring their characters to life using movement and vocal skills. 


Please see the photographs for evidence of what we got up to!!

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