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Year 4 - Hawthorn

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The children have had an energetic and enthusiastic start to the term already, and are clearly eager to embrace life as a Year 4.


Please visit this page as the year progresses for updates, and to find out a little more about what we have been learning about in class.


Communication, both to celebrate the good things and tackle any problems or concerns, plays a principal role in ensuring the very best education for your child. Parents/guardians, please do not hesitate to contact me on the school number, or via email:


Alternatively, feel free to arrange a meeting- or simply pop in for a brief chat.


Many thanks,

Mr Roycroft

Picture 1

28.3.18- CD day!


The day has finally arrived- the children of Hawthorn class have officially become recording artists! We had an amazing time and the producer was blown away by our rendition of 'La Bamba' by Ritchie Valens. Be sure to order your copy of the album while stocks last!



What a busy week of maths! We have worked so incredibly hard to learn a short cut method for division which is sure to help us in life. After spending some time getting to grips with the concept of division earlier in the year, we were ready to learn the bus stop method. Have a look at the image below to see how we do it:

Picture 1

16.3.18 - Shakespeare Week


There has certainly been a thespian buzz around school this week as we embraced Shakespeare Week in style. We mainly focused on the use of Shakespearean language, including words and phrases coined by Shakespeare himself that are still used today!
We showed off our incredible acting skills in a video which we showed off in front of the school today.


Check out some of the screenshots below! 

11.3.18 - Check out our amazing pop-up Mother's Day cards!

11.3.18 - Check out our amazing pop-up Mother's Day cards! 1
11.3.18 - Check out our amazing pop-up Mother's Day cards! 2
11.3.18 - Check out our amazing pop-up Mother's Day cards! 3
11.3.18 - Check out our amazing pop-up Mother's Day cards! 4
11.3.18 - Check out our amazing pop-up Mother's Day cards! 5
11.3.18 - Check out our amazing pop-up Mother's Day cards! 6
11.3.18 - Check out our amazing pop-up Mother's Day cards! 7
11.3.18 - Check out our amazing pop-up Mother's Day cards! 8



Being the economical and environmentally-friendly class that we are, we refused to let the leftover chocolate go to waste. We mixed all 6 varieties in a bowl, melted it down, to create our very own invention which we aptly named 'The Barwick Big Mix'. We then moulded the chocolate into perfect segments and cooled it to demonstrate the process of reversible change...followed by a taster session the next day!

We were all in agreement that our creation was beyond delicious. So much so that we may be making some more in the very near future!


Watch this space!

Introducing... The Barwick Big Mix!

Introducing... The Barwick Big Mix! 1
Introducing... The Barwick Big Mix! 2
Introducing... The Barwick Big Mix! 3



The long awaited Science lessons on melting chocolate finally came around this week!

The aim: To find out which chocolate bar would be the best one to bring to the desert.

The investigatory question: If I change the 'type of bar', what will happen to the 'time taken to melt'?


The winner will be revealed very soon, but in the meantime, check out some photos of our investigation below. We planned a very thorough experiment which involved weighing the chocolate to precisely 30 grams and using stopwatches to ensure a completely fair test.


Thanks to the kitchen staff for letting us borrow their heating tray again!

2.3.18 - Snow week!


Brrrrrr! The 'Beast from the East' has held us firmly in its wintery grasp as we are forced to call off school for two whole days! I hope everybody managed to make the most of the (unusually powdery) snow, and have fun building snowmen and spending time with family.


To make the most of the fun in the snow, we turned a real life event into a moment of creativity, creating fictional storyboards based on our snow days on Wednesday and Thursday. We explored the dark truth behind what really caused the flash weather, and heard tales of aliens, monsters and colossal meteorites!


Have a look at some of our creative ideas below :)

Picture 1
Picture 2



Welcome back everybody! What a bunch of refreshed children we had in class today. Clearly the week off was a restful one for many- now back to business! Check out some photos of our fraction museum exhibits we did at the very end of the half term- we analysed each others' work today to show off our understanding of fractions. See if you can figure out what any of the mystery exhibits might represent!




With the much-anticipated 500 word competition looming, we have been taking on the roles of judges and evaluating the stories of previous competition winners. Just like the real judges do every year, we judged each story on the following five criteria:


1. Originality

2. Plot

3. Characterisation

4. Language

5. Enjoyment


We definitely had a few Simon Cowells amongst the judging panel- clearly the standards are very high and I'm sure our own stories will reflect that :) The children are now filled with inspiration and itching to get started with their story plans next week!




Fractions, fractions, fractions!

Though it is a feeling of dread for many children (and teachers) to begin a unit in fractions, it has been quite the opposite in Hawthorn class this week! The children have worked incredibly hard to master their understanding of fractions, and applied their knowledge to find fractions of quantities...including some very complicated maths!


26.1.18 - Desert Dioramas


Using a variety of materials, the children utilised the 'create' element of our Bloom's thinking skills through the creation of desert dioramas. With no input whatsoever, the children demonstrated their knowledge and understanding of a desert environment while showing off their creative arts and crafts skills. Some of them even made their way on to the door!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

26.1.18 - Desert Reports

26.1.18 - Desert Reports 1
26.1.18 - Desert Reports 2
26.1.18 - Desert Reports 3
26.1.18 - Desert Reports 4




This week, we have been building up towards writing non chronological reports on deserts. Watch this space to see some of our amazing work- it will blow your mind!



We are becoming masters of multiplication at the moment, and we have learned a short cut method for multiplying much larger numbers. We have used this knowledge to spot the mistakes of other children (see below).


Why not ask us about it so we can show off what we know?

Picture 1
Picture 2

12.1.18- What's The Matter?


This week we have been learning all about States of Matter. We have sorted various real life items into solids, liquids or gases and even explored particle diagrams in detail.


We finished the learning off by using Cheerios to represent particle diagrams! Check out some of our amazing work below:


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10



Happy New Year!!!


It was great to have everybody back so fresh-faced and full of energy. It seems that a great Christmas was had by all, and we certainly started the term as we intend to go on. It would appear that everyone has returned with their Maths and English skills still in tact: I have a feeling it will be a very productive term :)


Don't forget to check out our new homework pyramid in the 'Homework' section!



Well done to all children for a fantastic half term. Rounded off by a brilliant class assembly which they managed to nail even with such little time to practice- great projection and acting skills all round. Time for a well-earned rest so that we can hit the ground running in early January. See you all soon!

While Miss Goodison was constructing a life-size scientist for our hall display, we capitalised on an interesting learning opportunity: the fabric of the bean bag had charged the styrofoam balls, and when we placed our hands inside the bag, we got to see 'static cling' in action. This is when static electricity causes lighter objects to 'stick' to other objects. Apologies to Mr Hough for the mess!


Still image for this video
Picture 1





This week in maths, we have continued to master our understanding of division, focusing on a method which helps us to divide by grouping. For example, when dividing 24 by 4, we explored how many 'groups of 4' could be made, and we did this using addition on a number line. We learned a 'cheat code' for dividing much larger numbers using the same method, by chunking 10 or 20 lots of each number, as shown in the example below:


Picture 1



This week, we were all very eager to write our desert island diary entries, and on Friday- we did just that! When they are all marked, we will display them on the website, so watch this space!

This week, as part of our Citizenship/ PSHE learning, the children got the chance to see a slightly younger Mr Roycroft getting taken away in a police car! We used an educational resource that was developed by myself and a group of friends back in secondary school, which is used in schools around the UK to teach about the consequences of anti-social behaviour. The children found it very funny to see their teacher in big trouble, though of course this would never be the case in real life...


Have a look at some snapshots below:


Still image for this video

17.11.17 - Children in Need: Biscuits, buns and bakes while we work!



This week in English, we have become masters of opening our sentences in a variety of ways! We have learned a trick method involving things called EDINGLY openers, which are words ending in either 'ed', 'ing' or 'ly'. Here are some of the fantastic sentences that we came up with:


"Heart beating excitedly, the boy felt happy that he had some company" - Millie C


"Nervously, I crept towards the unfamiliar noise that was getting louder in my ears" - Edward L


"Running up to the treehouse, the monkey showed me his wooden cups and bowls" - Lily N




This week in maths we began by learning how to divide numbers by 10 mentally, including decimals. We then went on to explore division of numbers by 10, 100 and even 1000. We learnt about decimal places up to thousandths, and we decided that sharing a whole pizza into a thousand little pieces would leave us very hungry. Unless of course it was a giant pizza, as Latrell cleverly pointed out. And he was absolutely right- when you divide a very large number by 1000, the answer will not necessarily be small. We also explored division using arrays, which helped us to visually understand the concept of division. This was much easier when it was familiar times tables, but hard when we looked at bigger numbers, like in the example below:

Picture 1





This week in maths we focused on multiplying numbers by 10, 100 and 1000 mentally. We learned that you don't simply 'add a zero', but that the zero is there as a placeholder because each number has moved one place to the left (each move to the left increases the number by one power of 10). We really managed to grasp this very difficult concept, and finished the week off with a paired challenge!




This week in English, we have become masters of the subordinate clause. We first learned to use a subordinate clause to extend a sentence, then we used them as fronted adverbials. Once we had mastered this skill, we practises using them in the middle of sentences as an embedded subordinate clause...this was the tricky part! To round the week off, we made informative posters about subordinate clauses to help a younger child learn what they are, and how to correctly use them in sentences.

Picture 1
Picture 2





This week in maths we have explored doubling and halving numbers in detail. We are also learning to become masters of telling the time, by practising it before every lesson- little and often is the key!




This week in English we composed some wonderful biographies about the infamous Highwayman- Dick Turpin. It was great to see the children applying some of the skills learnt in class into their own writing. Here are some extracts of their fabulous work:


"Several newspapers suggested, on the 6th and 7th of May, that the Essex gang were robbing farmhouses in Epping" - George


"After that, he went to join the Essex gang and said "Stand and deliver, your money or your life!" - Jayden


"When he went away, he joined a gang called the Essex Gang. They went into different houses and tortured the inhabitants, so they would give them their riches." - Lilly BD






This week in maths we have been arranging 2D shapes by their properties. We have learned about vertical, horizontal and parallel lines, alongside a range of 2D shapes- including quadrilaterals. We looked briefly at angles and will be looking into them in great depth next half term.





This week in English, we explored a range of SPAG elements while practising some advanced drama techniques. This was all in preparation for the class presentation at assembly on Friday. We hope you are able to make it!







9.10.17 1
This week we have been exploring the notorious Highwayman: Dick Turpin. We used iPads to access an information file stored on the cloud, and used this alongside our own research to build a fact file. We realised this was just like a biography, but presented in a slightly different layout.

After learning all about the digestive system, we put together our very own demonstration using the following apparatus:

(the words in brackets show what each part represents)

  • large tins (the body)
  • Bread and banana (food)
  • paper cups 
  • a ziplock bag (the stomach)
  • a pair of tights (the intestines)
  • orange juice (hydrochloric acid) and
  • water (saliva)


It was a very messy experience which some of us absolutely loved, though not all of us :)

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