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Remote Learning 02.03.21

Remote learning 22.02.21

Remote learning 08.02.21

                                                        February Family fun!


08.       08.02.21

February Family Fun

Go on a family walk. Think about what you can see, hear and smell.


09.        09. 02.21

February Family Fun

Build a Den together either inside or outside.

Find some time today to share a story together inside your Den.



February Family Fun

Play a game of cards together.

Who will be the winner?

You could also use your cards to build a tower!

Remote learning 01.02.21

February Family Fun!



February Family Fun

Do some exercise together! What exercise or sport do you like to do?



February Family Fun

Look at some family photos! Who do you recognise on the photos?



February Family Fun

As a family, play a board game together.

I wonder who the winner will be?


February Family Fun

Watch your favourite family film together! 


February Family Fun

Make an animal snack together. 

Use Google Images for inspiration!

Remote learning 25.01.21

Links for remote learning

Remote learning 18.01.21

Remote learning 18.01.21

Remote learning 11.01.21

Remote Learning week 04.01.21

Remote Learning 05.01.21



What is my Remote Learning task?

How long should it take me?

How will my teacher know what I have done?



Numbers to five

Yesterday we recapped our learning of numbers to five. Practise counting to 5 on your fingers or beyond. You could also practice counting a group of objects, see what objects you can find to count at home.




15 minutes




Upload a photograph to Tapestry or send me an email.





Fine motor

Dough Disco!

Just like in class, why don’t you practice your funky fingers with a dough disco session:



5 minutes










Show me your dough disco moves on Tapestry!










Rain shaker!


Yesterday we started to discuss the weather and our focus this week is Winter. Can you make a rain shaker out of an old bottle and some rice? Listen to the sound it makes, does it sound like rain?





35 minutes


Upload your rain shaker to Tapestry.  



This week I’d like you to think about the season of Winter. What happens to the weather in winter? How can you stay warm? What signs of winter can you see out the window?


Yesterday, we talked about what the weather has been like over the past few weeks.


Join in with this online lesson and science experiment:


Create your own ice decoration


Fill a cup with water, glitter, leaves and anything else you wish to. Cut a piece of string and put one end in the water. Then put the cup in the freezer and once it is frozen push it out the cup and hang outside in your garden! Watch what happens to the ice.






35 minutes


Send me a message about what happens to your ice decoration on Tapestry or via email.

Remote Learning 30.11.20


Hello Nursery!

I hope you have all had a lovely week at home with your families. This week we are starting to celebrate Christmas! I have included some fun Christmas activities in your Remote Learning tasks. Remember to take pictures and upload to Tapestry for Mrs Smith and I to see!


I can't wait to see you all soon, 

Miss Mason 

Remote Learning 23.11.20


Hello Nursery, 

 I hope you are all doing ok! I have set some activities for you to complete whilst you’re at home. This week we will be celebrating 'World Nursery Rhyme Week.'

Remember to take lots of pictures for me to see on Tapestry. 


See you soon, Miss Mason 

Remote Learning 19.11.2020

Remote Learning 19.11.2020

Remote Learning 19.10.2020

Remote Learning 12.10.2020

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