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In collaboration with the parents who offered their valued contributions at a consultation evening, we have identified aspects of homework that are fundamental in impacting the outcomes of the pupils in our school. In order to ensure that parents and children can manage the new structure effectively, homework has now been split into three categories:


 MUST            SHOULD           COULD         



The purple tasks at the bottom of the pyramid form the foundations of your child’s learning. They have been identified as priorities by the teachers, and it is paramount that the time is found to complete these tasks on a weekly basis. This will include weekly spelling practice, regular reading and online maths.

The green tasks should be completed in order for your child to have the very best chance at excelling in school. This may include independent writing tasks or an online reading comprehension. On any given week where time management is difficult, the purple tasks must take priority. 


The yellow tasks could be completed if parents and children manage to find opportunities to do them. This may include short challenges based around PE, PSHE or fun games with the family.


The purple tasks are a consolidation of learning done in class, therefore each week is in order from left to right. The other tasks can be done in any order, and it is recommended that children colour in each box when complete.


Homework books will be provided to document any work, for example independent writing in English, spelling practice, maths working out etc.


The pyramid consists of 28 tasks, and children will attempt to climb as high up the ladder as they can. Homework sheets will be collected in the final week so that teachers can make a record of how many tasks have been done, and hand out end of term rewards.



How will the tasks be completed/marked?


Mymaths/ online reading comprehensions = marked online

Spelling = practice only. All teachers will hold Friday tests based around the weekly spelling rule/ word lists.


Writing = If children complete these tasks and bring them in, teachers will provide either written or 1:1 verbal feedback.


Whole school challenge = Bring your creation in on the deadline to have a chance at winning a prize.



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