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Home Learning 2021

Home Learning


What is the rationale behind our approach to Home Learning?


According to the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), the benefit of primary children doing additional work at home equates to a “+2 months” impact against a control of doing nothing. The EEF further cites that ‘short, focused tasks which relate directly to what is being taught, and which are built upon in school, are likely to be more effective’.


Through Home Learning, pupils are encouraged to participate in a range of regular, bitesize activities which correspond directly with work done in class. Tasks will either be part of:

  • Consolidation (revisiting learned knowledge and skills) or
  • Preparation (preparing for knowledge and skills yet to be learned)


Teachers in each year group generate a clear, sequential scheme which is bespoke to their class, evolves over time, and adapts to the needs of individual children.


What does Home Learning look like?

  • Little and often” is the key approach with Home Learning. Each task will be designed in a way that is meaningful, manageable and motivating.
  • The Home Learning schedule is built around bite size, time-specific tasks which take no more than 15 minutes to complete.
  • The tasks are designed to set children up for success in class, and to aid with the retention of knowledge and skills into children’s long term memory.


How will I know what the Home Learning is each week? Where will I find it?

  • Home Learning is communicated on a Friday, setting out Home Learning for the week ahead.
  • On the school website, Class Pages will be updated in the ‘Home Learning’ section. 
  • Tasks will follow the same structure in each class, clearly outlining what the task is, how long it will take, and where it fits into your child’s learning in school.
  • Throughout school, this will be displayed in a grid similar to the one in Appendix 1.
  • Grids will be colour coded to reflect the subject content of each task.


How will I know if my child’s teacher has checked my child’s Home Learning?

  • Children will be required to bring their Home Learning books in every day, contained inside their book bags
  • Stamps and verbal feedback will be given to children.
  • Teachers will hold short sessions in class to celebrate children’s participation in Home Learning, to clarify weekly tasks with the children and to provide regular feedback.




What is my Home Learning task?

How long should it take me?

Where will it fit into my learning at school?


Watch this two-minute video on YouTube:

Write a short guide to Column Subtraction.

10 mins

This week, we have been using the Column Subtraction method in maths.


Visit your maths resource area:

Read through the PowerPoint on 2D Shapes

5 mins

Next week, we will be exploring the properties of 2D shapes. Knowing their names will help!


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