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Choir 2018-19

Thursdays 08:30 - 09:00 in the Hall

Please wait with your child in the entrance area until 8.30am. Those children attending school club will be sent in when choir begins. Please note, we may schedule additional rehearsals, within the school day, prior to an event.


Children's University Passport

I am now in possession of a CU stamp, meaning I can stamp the half hour for the choir sessions at the end of choir practice! If you have a CU Passport, please bring it with you.



Please note that children who sign up for the choir will be expected to attend all rehearsals that half term, and can not drop in and out of rehearsals. This is unfair on those who want to progress in the choir as we then need to spend time rehearsing the same songs instead of learning new ones.

Please ensure a reply slip has been handed in to Mrs Evans. (New slips are not needed for each term). 


If your child no longer wishes to be in the choir, please let Mrs Evans know so she can take you off the register. 


Choir members are expected to learn the lyrics to the songs being performed; please clarify any tricky words with your child, especially if they struggle with reading on sight.


Any questions, please see Mrs Evans


D-Day Commemorative Event, Saturday 6th July, 1-5pm, Jack Heaps Field

We have been asked by those organising this event to perform a couple of songs: please practise with your child as often as possible, particularly Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy as the lyrics are tricky, and it is fast! 

I don't yet know any further details regarding the times we are required, but as soon as I do, I will let you know. 





Rudolph Run 13.12.17

Thank you to the choir for singing so beautifully tonight, and thank you to all the parents who turned up to support us!

Letter for Rudolph Run - 13th Dec 4-5pm

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