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Staff 2017

Staff 2017 1 Mrs Jameson Nursery Teacher EYFS Leader
Staff 2017 2 Mrs Hart Lunchtime Nursery Assistant
Staff 2017 3 Miss Leeman Reception Class Teacher
Staff 2017 4 Mrs Slater Reception Teaching Assistant
Staff 2017 5 Mrs Warrington EYFS Teaching Assistant
Staff 2017 6 Mrs Collett Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Staff 2017 7 Mr Mennell Assistant Headteacher & Year 2 Teacher
Staff 2017 8 Mrs Scholfield Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Staff 2017 9 Mr Cutler Year 3 Teacher
Staff 2017 10 Mrs Archdale Year 3 Teaching Assistant
Staff 2017 11 Mr Roycroft Assistant Headteacher & Year 4 Teacher
Staff 2017 12 Mr Freeman Year 5 Teacher
Staff 2017 13 Mrs Horsfield Year 3 Teaching Assistant
Staff 2017 14 Mrs Evans Year 6 Teacher TLR English & P.Arts
Staff 2017 15 Miss Greaves Year 6 Teaching Assistant
Staff 2017 16 Mrs Gall Year 5 Teaching Assistant
Staff 2017 17 Mrs NIcholson PPA Teacher
Staff 2017 18 Ms Robinson Out of School Club Playleader
Staff 2017 19 Mrs Parkinson Out of School Admin & Playleader
Staff 2017 20 Mrs Hough Out of School Club Playleader
Staff 2017 21 Mr Hough Superintendent
Staff 2017 22 Miss Clarkson Lunchtime Supervisor
Staff 2017 23 Mrs Berry School Admin
Staff 2017 24 Mrs Sanderson Headteacher

 Headteacher   Mrs  Sanderson
Assistant Headteachers  Mr Roycroft   Mr Mennell



Chestnut  Mrs Jameson      Nursery Class teacher

                  Mrs Smith          Nursery Teaching Assistant



Oak          Miss Leeman     Reception teacher

                 Mrs Slater          Teaching Assistant

                 Mrs Warrington  Teaching Assistant


Yew         Mrs Durbin (Mon- Wed)        Year 1 Teacher

                Mrs Kimberley (Wed-Fri)       Year 1 Teacher

                Mrs Collett          Teaching Assistant


Rowan    Mr Mennell          Year 2 Teacher

                Mrs Scholfield     Teaching Assistant   


Mulberry Mr Cutler             Year 3  Teacher

                Mrs Archdale      Teaching Assistant

                Mrs Horsfield      Teaching Assistant


Hawthorn Mr Roycroft            Year 4 Teacher

                  Miss Goodison     Teaching Assistant


Sycamore  Mr Freeman       Year 5 Teacher

                   Mrs Gall             Teaching Assistant



Willow    Mrs Evans         Year 6 Teacher

               Miss Greaves     Teaching Assistant


PPA Teacher Mrs Nicholson






School Administrator   Mrs Berry


Site Superintendent  Mr Hough


Lunchtime Team  Mrs Gibbs Miss Clarkson Mrs Scholfield,  Miss Goodison & Miss Greaves


Kitchen Staff  Mrs McBride 


Out of School Club Play Leaders  Ms Robinson, Mrs Parkinson Mrs Hough & Miss Hurst


Out of School Club Administrator  Mrs Parkinson




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