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Weekly Summary 15th - 19th May

15th - 19th May sad


The fifth week of the summer term was very busy!


We worked very hard in maths to consolidate our understanding of multiplication.

We made sure we had an efficient written method so that we can tackle questions such as:


Hat = £3.95        Scarf = £7.59         Jumper = £12.80


Alan has £20.00 He buys 4 hats. How much money does he have left?


Betty has £30.00 She would like to buy 5 jumpers. Explain why she cannot afford 5 jumpers.


What is the difference between the cost of 9 scarves and 14 hats?



We also considered the importance of making an estimate first.indecision


In English we examined the use of the dash. We also wrote a book review for A Dog In No-man's


In science we conducted an investigation. We investigated kitchen towels to find out which one was the most

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