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PE and Sports


Key Step Gymnastics Key Stage 2 (foundation and advanced)

Our Key Stage 2 gymnasts had a fantastic time at the Key Step Gymnastics Competition. They performed at an extremely high standard, and all enjoyed competing against other teams across Leeds. Well done to all involved. You did the school and yourselves proud!

Curriculum Enhancement Days

Many curriculum enhancement days have been taking place throughout the year. These days have allowed pupils to participate in more physical activity outside their P.E slots, and continue to help pupils improve on fundamental skills such as balance, coordination, stamina, agility and more. Please see below at some of the curriculum enhancement days that have taken place so far. 


Balance Bike Day (March 2018)

Reception and Year 1 took part in  Balance Bike Day led by former Olympian, Phil Bateman. The pupils spent much of their time learning the basic skills of how to ride a bike, and by the end, the majority of pupils could ride a balance bike, with all making exceptional progress.

"All pupils made excellent progress and you could see them becoming more confident as time passed." (Phil Bateman)

"This is the best school day ever!" (Year 1 pupil)

"It was amazing to see how well the pupils performed. One of the pupils was nervous before they started and y the end, they were gliding around and not wanting the session to finish." (Year 1 Teacher)

"All of my pupils picked up some valuble skills from Phil. They were riding over platrorms and ducking under obstacles on their bikes. I also picked up some valuble caoching techniques for when we use our new balance bikes in Reception." (Reception Teacher)

Energy Boosters

Our Energy Boosters pupil voice work alongside pupils and teachers to promote a physically active lifestyle. Some of their jobs include ensuring playground equipment is out and ready during break times, encouraging pupils to join in activities such as skipping, looking at ways to enhance the school grounds to make it more physically accessible and keeping an eye out for those pupils being physically active. They have also introduced their own Energy Booster cards, which they give to a Key Stage 1 and 2 pupil who have been physically active during the week. Please take a look at the cards that pupils can be awarded during achievement assembly. 

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